Monday, August 10, 2009

Things We Like About Parma Heights Baptist Church

· Didn’t fall asleep during the sermon—was interesting.

· Preached the Word of God, used Bible.

· Used PowerPoint slides to show announcements, words to the songs, sermon points.

· Lots of people involved in ministry.

· Programs for wide range of people: families, big youth group, singles, seniors, widows, lots of different small group Bible studies.

· Big parking lot.

· Clean, neat, orderly and everything was well-organized.

· Friendly people.

· Opportunities to participate in ministry as a part of a team.

· Three service times on Sunday morning.

· A great sounding choir.

· Good music.

· Padded pews more comfortable than what we were used to having.

· Had an Adult Bible Fellowship (ABF) class for newly marrieds taught by a funny man. There were several other older couples in there as well so Gerard and I felt very comfortable in there.

· Building and grounds well maintained, nice looking.

· Big nursery and Jr. Church for the children.

· Felt good when we left and weren’t upset like we were after services at our other church.

· It has a puppet team that we are a part of.

· Their Statement of Faith reflects is in line with what I believe to be true.

Visit their blog and and their web site at

What made you choose your church? What things do you like about it?


The Bumbles said...

How do you not fall asleep with padded pews?!

Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

Our Pastor is good at preaching and holds my interest, unless I stayed up too late on Saturday and am tired, then it's sometimes difficult.

The Silver Age Sara said...

A Pastor that is good at preaching, knows the Bible and can inspire. Also a welcoming congregation and one that concentrates on the teachings of the Bible.

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