Friday, November 28, 2008

Six Things I Learned This Week-Part 11

Did you know only male turkeys gobble? The female ones cluck. I just found this out Saturday at our Sunday School get-together for the 5th and 6th graders at church. That's when I made my turkey.

At Jodi's Journey I learned that the Humane Society of the United States released their 8 month long investigation about puppy mills. Petland Incorporated is the nation's largest retail supporter of puppy mills!. Click on Jodi's Journey above to take you to her blog for the entire post and find out how you can help.

Here's a relatively new directory for blogs where I just registered mine for free this week: I found this bit of information at Jewelled Ramblings when doing my Entrecard drops.

I came across a very interesting post about improving your memory at Rising Thinker. Two things I found very fascinating that I didn't know are (1) It's better to memorize on an empty stomach, and (2) When you first wake up every morning, you should move your eyes from side to side to get both sides of your brain going.

Daisy the Curly Cat's mom told me how she makes the videos of Daisy with movie maker on the computer. I didn't know I could put several short video clips together to make one, but now I know! I am experimenting and made my first one which I'll post here sometime next week. From "Start", choose "run" and type in "moviemk" then browse to upload the clips or pictures you want to work with and then save them to your computer. Here's my first attempt:

Gerard showed me an article from the November 26 USA TODAY Life section about Pilots-N-Paws. Men and women who are pilots give up their own time to fly dogs that are on death row to other places where they may be adopted or to no-kill shelters. We think that is wonderful and thank them for saving these dogs from being euthanized. To see a video about this, here is the link to the USA TODAY site where you can view it: Click here to view Pilots Dog Rescue Video.


Daisy said...

You did great with your first movie! I liked seeing Spunky play with the string.

The Author said...

I always enjoy these posts. I had first hand experience with puppy mill suppliers last year and I sure hope no one ever purchases a dog or cat on a whim from one of the places that use puppy mills.
We have all kinds of turkeys walking around our farm and I never knew about the gobbling and clucking.
Thanks so much for all the info :)

Anonymous said...

Well, thanks to you I've learned some new things this week too. I'm also going to experiment with moviemaker. Nice first attempt too. I'm posting about the Petland puppy mill too today. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving Karen and Gerard!

BeadedTail said...

Thanks for the tips on the movies! I've been trying to upload a video to my blog while doing EC drops and was so happy to find this information so now I'm off to try it and hope I can get it to work!

Grace said...

Meow, I had just dropped an EC here... have a nice weekend :)

Karen and Gerard said...

Glad you liked Spunky's little video. She posted another one on her blog at (Meow-Cat Corner section). I plan to repost it here later but want to stretch them out some to give people something to look forward to. I have several lined up: two involving water and one about a shopping bag experience. Betcha really can't wait now, huh?

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