Sunday, November 16, 2008

Living Beyond Yourself by Beth Moore--Introduction

I am excited to share about this Beth Moore Bible study, "Living Beyond Yourself" on the fruit of the spirit that I recently finished. It's a basic, fundamental, practical uplifting study that was better than I expected.

After just one week, I realized that with God's Spirit in me, I can do things I never expected I would. Two points Beth Moore made in the DVD that goes with this study are:

1) God is still happening and 2) God wants us to be exclamation mark people, meaning we should have a full, meaningful life.

One of the points she made that struck me was that our life is not all about us. Sacrifice on the part of Christians is crucial to world evangelism. Paul was persecuted and faced many hardships, yet kept his joy (Read Acts 13). Boy, that got me to thinking how I handle hardships or even just little problems that come up and ruin my plans! My "joy" usually flies away and is replaced by anger. God has shown me that this ought not to be. As I submit to God's will and ask Him to fill me with his Holy Spirit each day, hopefully I too will be able to keep my joy regardless of my circumstances.

This is truly a life-changing study and if you are looking for a good Bible study for a group or even just for yourself, I definitely recommend this one! I learned so much and it changed me.


The Author said...

Thank you for sharing and I'm definitely interested. It's easy to feel joy when things are going along smoothly. It is keeping that joy that truly reflects God's love.
And, I certainly agree that we need to be activists for our faith.
I so appreciate it when you share these wonderful finds.

Wendy Lopez-Redaon said...

hello karen and gerard =)

oh yeah! its NEVER about us! I think its about denying our own desires and following Jesus' will. But in doing this, we realize that Jesus in turn takes care of us =)

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