Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Nice Call From A Great Non-Profit Organization

The Jesus Film Project through Campus Crusade For Christ is one of our monthly projects that we give to. This organization has made an evangelistic film about Jesus which has been translated in over 1,000 languages! This ministry is in every country too according to their web site. They have film teams that take projectors and screens into remote places and show the film. Then they also have follow-up materials for the people who trust Jesus to be their personal Savior.

Last week I got a call from their headquarters in Orlando, Florida thanking me for my support. They never asked me for any more money, but did offer to pray for any need I had which I thought was very nice of them. They also mentioned that over the years, I've given $9,000 to this ministry! Wow, that really made me feel good. Just a little every month over time really adds up. I can't think of too many organizations who will thank you for your donations without asking for more.

Near the end of the year they send a little catalog with lots of "Christmas gifts" that we can choose to give them. I really like this idea because since Christmas is the day we celebrate Christ's birth, what better way to honor Him and celebrate than to give to a ministry that God is using to further His kingdom?

As a Christian, I am just a steward of what God has given to me. I don't always spend this money as I probably should, but in this case, I think God would definitely be pleased. Is Jesus on your Christmas list this year? What are you giving Him for His birthday?

For more information about this great project or if you would like to make a donation, click on the link above at the beginning of this post to The Jesus Film Project.


Tracey said...

Wow!! How wonderful to be appreciated for giving!

Karen and Gerard said...

Not too many do this. It was nice!

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