Monday, November 17, 2008

Are You A Fan?

Fan is short for "fanatic" which I am about my sports teams. All the Boston teams and Ohio State football and Duke basketball. Here is an example:

Thursday night the Patriots and NY Jets football game was on. (I do not like football played on Thursdays--just me.) Anyway, the Pats played terrible in the first half and were down 24-6 at one point. I was very upset, yelling, slamming things, then I went to bed for two reasons: (1) I just did not want to watch any more! (2) For some reason, when I go to bed it seems on the next morning I am surprised that my team won! This night I got up later and I couldn't help myself. I turned it back on and guess what--the score was 24-24!! Now, I must decide, should I turn it off or watch. I decided to chance it and watch. The Jets went ahead with little time left so I turned it off for awhile. When I put it back on, the Pats had tied it up!! So, I turned it of and went back to bed excited. When I got up later, I found out they lost. I was bummed out about it all night and the next day.

Do you think us fanatical fans take losses harder than the players do? Your comments are welcomed.

Fortunately for me, Boston sports teams win so much that I'm spoiled, so maybe I foolishly expect them to win all the time.

How do you watch games?
1--Totally into it
2--Enjoy the sports
3--Win or lose it's just a game
4--loss ruins your day or night
5--don't care who wins or loses


Bola said...

I know the players takes losing much more harder than a fan.To a fan it's a game but to the player, losing means losing pride, reward,fame and even losing some so-called fans in the process.

Q - How do you watch games?

A - Win or lose it's just a game

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Anonymous said...

I think the fans take it harder. Since it is a job for the players, I think they are more concerned with their personal performance over a period of time. Not to say that they don't want to win, I just don't think they get as upset about losses as the fanatical fans.

Sandee said...

Not a fan at all. We don't even watch television. Have a great day. :)

Tracey said...

I am a college football fan, and I think the players take it pretty hard when they lose!

Karen and Gerard said...

Bola, what you say is true. You may be right.

Anne, I would agree with you. I think generally athletes are more focused on their personal performance.

Sandee, you don't watch any TV? That's something!

Tracey, yes, I think college players would take losses harder than the pros because they are still playing for the fun of playing and not getting paid for it. Pros get paid plenty whether they win or lose.

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