Friday, November 14, 2008

6 Things I Learned This Week-Part 9

I found a post last week at Ruthi's Breathing Space about Free blog templates that are available at I like the one I have here designed by Ana at Chica & Pumuckl but am looking for a different one for my other blog. It's just scary though and takes so much time. I'm afraid to try this, even though I did find one I liked.

Unplugging major appliances in your home really does make a difference on the electric bill. We just started doing this in September and our electric bill was the lowest as it's been all year.

From A Simple Life I learned some more ways to de-stress, including chewing gum, singing, clenching a fist and unclenching. For more, check out the entire post with the link provided here. Come to think of it, "The Sound Of Music" used this technique during the storm when the nanny got all the kids singing "My Favorite Things." That's one of my favorite musicals!

In reading The Lighter SideI found a free place to promote my blogs at Blog Show Off
You just list your blog in the appropriate category and it stays on top of the list until someone else lists theirs. Of course, it's also a place to find new blogs within whatever category you are looking for.

Thanks to the Beaded Tail's comment on my Umbrella quiz post, I learned that Pacific Northwest, we don't use umbrellas since they are too cumbersome - since it rains all the time we'd have to take them everywhere! Anyone with an umbrella is pegged as a tourist! We just use water proof jackets with hoods to stay somewhat dry.

I'm reading Breakfast At Sally's by Richard LeMieux about his true story of being homeless. In it he mentions states that:
According to the National Survey of Homeless Assistance Providers and Clients, veterans make up 23% of America's homeless population. The National Coalition for Homeless Veterans conservatively esimates that one out of every three homeless men is a veteran. Nearly 50% of these men served in the Vietnam War!
How sad!!


Daisy said...

We have thought about changing templates, too. But I'm too scairt that I will wreck something.

Ana said...

Don't be scared when changing templates. Once you have found one just send me a note and I will arrange everything in order for you not to lose all your widgets ;-) There's really nothing to worry about ;-)

Anonymous said...

That's interesting about the people in the Northwest not using umbrellas. And I know how you feel about changing your blog's template- it is a bit scary, but on the whole worth it to try new things and improve. Good luck

Karen and Gerard said...

Daisy--I think your blog looks good, although since Harley is a male, maybe you may want to change from it being all pink and white.

Ana--I'm pretty happy with the standard blue one I found in blogger now but I will add the cat pictures at the top like I saw on the Furrkids blog.

Wildcatsthree--I'm not one to fuss with change much. I don't even like to decorate for the holidays! Sometimes I will rearrange furniture though. The book I'm reading now, "Breakfast At Sally's" is about a homeless guy in Washington state and it seems like it's raining there ALL the time.

Anonymous said...

there's really so much to learn in the internet and i'm glad i'm able to contribute a little. thank you so much for the link post.

have a great weekend ;)

ruthinian said...

Your blog design is already nice. I like it. And if you are scared to change template for fear of losing some of your posts... my tip for you is to save a copy of the html code of your blog first in notepad. and if things wont work out well and you want to go back to the original blog you can just copy/paste the one you saved in the notepad and everything will go back to the way it was.

BTW, i love your concepts on the things you learned and posting them here. keep it up. And you make me proud for saying that you learn something from me.

BeadedTail said...

I always learn something these posts of yours and I'm glad to be able to contribute this week! Luckily, it is not raining here in the Pacific Northwest this weekend so no need for water proof jackets and never umbrellas!

The Author said...

I always love your Friday posts. I learn through them of interesting facts.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gerard/Karen, this is a late comment as I have been off the net since November yet, and has just been back now, yet let this not deter me from thanking you for your linky love :) It's only now I've visited this post of yours, sluggish me :( Just have been very full of activities during the Christmas season: aside from our community's affairs, arrivals and departures of our vacationing children with their families, and more visiting close relatives! It was great though :) Hope you had a grand time with yours too.

Anonymous said...

...and have just been back now <-- :) correction above, I must be sleepy already :)Time check, 3:30am!

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