Friday, October 10, 2008

6 Things I Learned This Week! (Part 5)

Friday, I was commenting to a co-worker about a large basket I had that I didn't really have any use for. She suggested putting a soft fuzzy blanket in it and the cats would probably love it. Spunky Doodle wasted no time settling in and stayed the whole evening. Manny didn't have a chance.

Remember READER'S DIGEST? At Our Homeschool Adventures I learned there's a Reader's Digest website ( that has short interesting articles as well as widgets for blogs and social networking profiles that can be added--jokes, word power, cartoons etc.

I just discovered I do have "Paint" on my computer. Now I just need to play around with it and learn how to use it! It looks like I can draw right on the pictures so this will be fun!

I finally discovered how to get other people's Entrecards into posts or on my blog in the sidebar for as long as I want them there. The way if found was in Entrecard, use "campaign" to search for their blog, open their profile and then right click and choose email. Then after sending it to myself, I was able to save it and the upload it to my blog as a picture.

I discovered a cool site for practicing typing and increasing your speed which is very fun thanks to Hadias at I tried it yesterday and it wasn't as easy as I expected, but very fun because you can race against other people if you like. It also takes accuracy into consideration. Give it a try. It's

Peace from God is the absence of confusion and turmoil but not the absence of pain or grief. For a more comprehensive summary of this week's Bible Study on peace, go to


Bola said...

Thanks to you, i just learn a very important lesson in copy and pasting EC banners.

Bola said...

Pls visit Code: MumsDadsChildren to pick up your blog award.

Daisy said...

That basket does look just perfect for a little bed! Or to keep cat toys in.

BeadedTail said...

Kitties love baskets!

On the ECs, I just right mouse click and do a save as and save the card that way. I didn't think of the emailing thing.

Karen and Gerard said...

I tried doing the save thing but it didn't work for me. Nor did the copy/paste.

Susan Cook said...

The cat really seems to be enjoying the basket. I should try that for my cat.

Anonymous said...

sharing what you learned is such a great idea. you're helping other people to learn too. nice job.

have a great week ahead ;)

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