Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ask And Ye Shall Receive . . . Just Not Right Away!

When the Owens-Corning salesman was here, Gerard asked if they were giving away anything if we decided to have them do our basement. Sometimes companies to give little extra things like when we had our sump pump put in, we got free Indians tickets. The salesman asked him what he'd like and suggested a big screen TV. That got my husband's attention and his eyes lit up! So, sure enough, we got $800 worth of gift cards to Best Buy.

We decided it would be wise to get a TV stand for it first so we have a place to set it up when we bring it home so after checking at Best Buy and Staples, we found one that we think will suffice at WalMart. The next day I had every intention of tackling the job of assembling it. According to the instructions, it should only take an hour. HA! The first piece I pulled out of the box was the top and the corner was damaged. I'm not talking about a little nick either. The whole corner was bent! The instructions specifically stated not to return it to the store, but instead to call a number if any parts were damaged or missing, so I called the next day. Now we have to wait 7-14 days for the replacement part to arrive. Phooey!

As it turns out, we may end up using it on a new computer instead. Still waiting to hear what our computer problem is.


Daisy said...

It seems like things always go wrong! Whenever we have furniture to assemble, a piece is usually missing or damaged or something.

I hope you get your replacement top soon!

Tracey said...

I see you are reading "The Shack".
Let me know what you think, it's on my list of books I want to read.
Thanks, Tracey

tashabud said...

Just like that, the company gave you a check to buy something. I could never be that lucky. Great for you, though. I hope things will straighten out so that you can enjoy your new t.v.

BTW, I played the kitty quiz. I didn't do so hot, so, my donation amounted to only 10 kibbles. Sorry. Hope to do better next time.


Karen and Gerard said...

Daisy--Usually things go well for us. It's nor really a big problem.

Tracey--My husband thought "The Shack" was fantastic! He highly recommends it. I thought it was okay, some of the theology disturbed me somewhat but for the most part, it was good. Just have to remember it's fiction. Both our reviews are on our PNN blog at http://karen.pnn ("What We've Just Read" section).

Tashabud--The company was eager to make the sale in our depressed economy right now. Not too many people are spending money on remodeling these days. They mailed us $800 in gift cards once our payment went through.

Tracey said...

Thanks Karen :)
I'll go check it out!

Anonymous said...

You can get great prices at some stores and online, and I love taking advantage of it. But sometimes things go awry like with your stand - frustrating that you can't take it back to the local store.
p.s. for your sports widget, not sure if this will help it fit in your sidebar, but if you look at the code, it probably has a height and width in it for the widget where you can change the number so it will fit in your sidebar. I don't know if that will make the print too small. I've manipulated the size to make things fit my sidebar - it just depends on the widget whether it will work or not.

Karen and Gerard said...

Wild Cats 3: Thanks for the tip. I tried it but it didn't work for this one.

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