Wednesday, October 15, 2008

We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulty

I am bummed. My computer was soooo slow yesterday morning and when I got home from work, it went on but I couldn't open ANYTHING! I kept trying to turn in off and reboot it but it didn't work. I even unplugged EVERYTHING and the tried again and that didn't work. I prayed! I called a friend who can build computers but got his voice mail and he didn't return my call. I called a repair place that was already closed. I finally called Best Buy,(the store we purchased it from)and they said they would fix it if I brought it in. I went to bed. I tried it again this morning and it still didn't let me open anything. I will take it up to Best Buy when I get home from work today. Meanwhile, at least I have access with my office computer.

I had a feeling it was going and thought of copying some stuff to a disk, just in case, but didn't want to take the time. Oh well, I'm just hoping for the best.


Tracey said...

Good luck with your computer troubles....computers are wonderful and frustrating too!!!
I hope you don't mind...I added the feed kibble kitty link to my blog...It's cool, I have been coming here several days and playing it.

Karen and Gerard said...

Tracey--That's great you added the trivia link to your blog too! I found out I didn't have a computer virus but won't know for a couple days yet what is wrong. They told me it may just be a windows issue or I may need a new hard drive.

Karen and Gerard said...

The Geek Squad at Best Buy called yesterday and now they say our computer is infected--400 traces whatever that means. Funny nothing showed up when they first analyzed it for $75! The good news is they can remove it. There's are risk of losing data, but they can try backing it up first before doing the removal. I miss not having it!

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