Thursday, October 16, 2008

Brighten Someone's Day This Sweetest Day!

Saturday, October 18 is Sweetest Day this year. It is celebrated the third Saturday in October.
On the back of the Sweetest Day card I got for Gerard this year, it says: Sweetest Day started in 1922, when a candy company employee organized a group to help deliver candy and small gifts to orphans and others whose lives needed brightening. Today, lovers and romantics embrace the day as well, but it's still a time to remember those who bring happiness to our lives.

I like this idea! My most memorable Sweetest Day was when I was at a Pioneer Girls retreat to help out on Sweetest Day. It was the first time I was away over night from my husband and my cat since we'd been married and I was very homesick! When I got back to the church parking lot, he and Leo (a little stuffed lion) were there to meet me with a nice bunch of flowers and Malley's nut mallow! I was so glad to see him!

A close second was when I had an AWANA quiz meet to go to on Sweetest Day. Gerard surprised me a Vizquel Indians shirt since he was my favorite Indian at the time. (AWANA is a kids club whose purpose is to reach boys and girls with the gospel of Christ and train them to serve Him. It stands for "Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed.")

Since then, we celebrate Sweetest Day by going to Cracker Barrel and then for a walk through the woods at the park, enjoying the colorful leaves. That is our plan again this year. Do you have any plans to celebrate it this Saturday? Why not make some?


Daisy said...

What a great idea! I did not really even know about Sweetest Day. I need to make some plans...

Anonymous said...

That is a sweet one really. Hi about the snipping tool according to what i read this is also use for Windows XP but in windows Xp it is very easy to print screen. Press the Prt scrn in your keyboard + ctrl after that you go to paint and click the edit you can see the paste just click it and the one you take the screen shot it appears there.

Karen and Gerard said...

Thanks, Genny, I'll try that once I get my computer back!

Anonymous said...

I had never heard tell of Sweetest Day. Too bad I have to work on Saturday. lol That's my plans.

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