Friday, October 24, 2008

5 Things I Learned This Week-Part 7

Raisins and grapes can be very poisonous to dogs. (I knew chocolate wasn't any good for them, but this was new to me!)

When reading Sunbathing at Red Pine Mountain I discovered some horses do lay down even though they are not sick.

I found a new site that has free images for bloggers at 8 Is Enough. The site is

I came across some photography tips which included it's best for the photographer to be higher than the subject, always use a flash, and not have the subjects dress in black or white. More tips can be found at Small Town Mommy's 5 Photo Tips For You.

I learned that being without a computer for a week wasn't all bad: I got more sleep because I go to bed earlier; I had more time to read the paper before going to work and one day I even exercised along with a show on Fit TV before work--one day and watched more TV in the evening and Manny came and laid on me again! I'm glad we got it back though!


Daisy said...

I thought those photography tips at Small Town Mommy were really good, too.

Hannah said...

Thanks so much for taking a look at my blog!

I'll have to let my mom know to keep the grapes away from our dog from now on!!

That girl

BeadedTail said...

Thanks for sharing what you learned because now I learned them too!

Anonymous said...

I had to go without the computer for a few days last week. It was great. I think there will be "unplugged" spas in the future for all the worn out people of the world.

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