Thursday, June 15, 2023

I Can Still Bowl--Yay!

I finally joined a bowling league last year after not being in one since breast cancer hit the summer of 2009.  I was unsure if I could do it, but used to enjoy it very much so decided to give it a try.  I did carry a 150 average, but when I cam back ended up with just a 137 average.  However, I managed to have one super day in Jan. of this year which I bowled my best game ever--226!  That proved to me that I did still "have it."

I was nervous and kept taking deep breaths to try to relax.  I tried to focus on bowling and not look at the score at all along the way.  I knew I was doing really well and didn't want to lose my focus.  I didn't talk much to anyone during the game either, just kept my head down and waited for my turn trying not to be distracted.  I managed to bowl the whole game without any open frames and put together three strikes in a row twice!  It was such fun!  My first two games were only 138 and 130.    

It was a strange league though.  It was a group of seniors that bowled Thursday mornings but without teams.  I never heard of a league without teams, but it was fun.  We had six lanes and bowled with different people each week.  Each bowler was assigned a number and between games a number would be randomly drawn.  The winner received about $10!  Also, they played another money game where at the 5th frame, a guy would go through and sort pairs based on their scores.  Highest score would be paired with the lowest and on down.  The pair with the highest total pins would win a few dollars.  

The day I bowled the 226 I was paired up with Carol and we won total pins that game!  She took my picture afterward and a few weeks later surprised me with a big trophy for bowling such a high game.  I'm not sure if the trophy was from the whole league or if she just did it on her own, but I thought it was very nice!    

Do you bowl?  Share about your bowling experience in the comments.


Brian's Home Blog said...

WOW, 226 is amazing. I haven't bowled in years and years and years. Mostly teen gangs have taken over the bowling lanes around here.

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