Friday, June 16, 2023

5 Fun Facts For Friday June 16, 2023

I used to post what I learned each week at the end of the week and it was pretty popular so decided to continue along those lines and do Friday posts with some fun facts, but not necessarily learned in just the past week.

Did you know . . .

1.  When a flag is torn and faded, it is disrespectful to fly it.  It should be taken to a VFW post or the American Legion post to be disposed of properly.  We had to take our flag in on flag day.  I knew it was worn out but didn't realize it was being disrespectful to still fly it until I checked on Google to see how to dispose of it properly.  

2.  Octopuses have three hearts and blue blood?  (source:  March-April All God's Creatures devotionals)

3.  The 30th president of the USA, Calvin Coolidge, had  a pet racoon! 
(source:  Explorers, Presidents and Toilets by Dan Gutman)

4.  The Jordan River doesn't flow into an ocean, but rather goes into the dead sea and stops there.  The dead sea doesn't run over because the valley is hot and the water evaporates as fast as the river flows into it. Pretty amazing! (Source:  Book of Life, Book 2, Bible Treasures, p. 26)

5.  Our dog, Roxy weighed in at 71 pounds today at the vet.  Her comprehensive exam plus vaccines cost more than my husband's and mine annual checkups combined!  ($271)

Please share a fun fact of your own in the comments below with me.


Brian's Home Blog said...

I didn't know but one of those. Yep, critter care sure is expensive, yikes!

Anonymous said...

Those are fun facts for sure! My fun fact is book related. Our recent AAUW Brevard Chapter Used Book Sale began with 1060 boxes of books. We ended the sale with 130 boxes of books. That’s pretty good!

Anonymous said...

Well it won’t accept my profile but it’s Beth Ann!

Karen and Gerard said...

Thanks, Beth Ann for letting me know it was you who commented. Don't know why it didn't take your profile.

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