Saturday, June 24, 2023

Two Things I Learned This Week

 Did you know that . . .

(1) You should never throw cold water or put a wet towel on the back of an overheated dog?  Instead, first give lukewarm water to drink, then cool the soles of the feet and chest/lower abdomen with a damp towel. Then put the dog in the shade on a damp towel!! (Source: Facebook post by Cathy Moore)

(2 ) Washing clothes in cold water is just as effective as getting them clean with warm or hot water. Also, is cheaper and better for your clothes. (Source: WKYC news on 6/18/23)

Please leave a comment sharing something you learned this week.


Brian's Home Blog said...

Those were good ones, we learned about cooling dog an overheated dog too and we learned that our weather guessers were dumber than we thought they were.

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