Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Go To The Head of The Class Needs Updating!

Our game for Tuesday was Go To The Head of the Class.  Players start in Kindergarten and move up 6 desks when they answer correctly.  If you land on a desk with a red ink well, you get an examination question and the opportunity to skip the next grade!  We had two of these games but I combined all the pieces into just one.  One of the question books was copyrighted in 1957, the other in 1960.  Some of the categories need to be updated.  For example, one question was name the 3 presidents who were assassinated and the answer:  Lincoln, Garfield and McKinley but J. F. Kennedy wasn't listed in the answer.

We started with the senior questions, but quickly found they were too hard for us so moved to intermediate.  When we got through all those, we went to the junior ones and then we moved along much better.  It got to the point where we just were ready for the game to end so much that we were giving each other hints (although that is against the rules and should have moved back 3 desks for prompting).  I was way behind most of the game, but caught up once I got to the junior questions and won when my husband missed his last question with a come-from-behind win.  I believe next time we want to play, we should probably take some time to study the questions ahead first.

Here are some sample questions for you to see how you do (answers at end of this post):

Senior questions:
1.  category "Styled for Tomorrow":  What make of car has the "Park Lane" cruiser series?
2.  category "Where Would You Advertise":  Within 5% either way, what would a one color full page in Life cost?

Intermediate questions:
3.  category "Shopping Spree":  Where would you buy a Quid?
4.  category "Do You Watch TV":  What show does a man sitting in a chair looking at the picture of a house on a large screen remind you of?

Junior questions:
5.  category "Signs of the Holidays":  Which is not a symbol of Thanksgiving Day?  pumpkin pie, turkey, onion soup?
6.  category "What's My Name?"  I am a little Chinese boy and have a wonderful magic lamp--what's my name?

2--$29,500 (1960)
3--Tobacco Store
4--Person to Person
5--Onion soup

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