Tuesday, December 27, 2016

I Have to GAIN Weight! (by Spunky Doodle)

Normally, I do not like going to see Dr. Walker, my vet.  This time though, I was down to just 7 lbs., 2 less than last time, so she said she wants me to eat more and try to gain some weight.  She agreed with mom that she thinks I regurgitate my food because I am SO hungry, I eat it too fast.  (I never had this problem when I was "Chunky Spunky.")

My mom tried slowing my eating too fast down by just giving me bits at a time, but that just made me eat faster because I wanted more quick!  Since mom took the advice of Beth, Abby's friend, who works at the desk who told her to give me more at a time, I haven't thrown up since!

I switched from all dry food to all easy to digest wet food from the vet (EN).  Mom was giving me just 3/4 of a can but found out that wasn't enough because if you take out the wetness, the amount of wet food is actually less than the same amount of dry food.  Wait, it even gets better!

Now that mom has realized I actually just need more food and that I can keep it down if she gives me a bunch all at once instead of in dribbles stretched out, I am getting some new very tasty kind called Sheba that mom bought at Giant Eagle.  So, not only do I get a whole can of the EN but also extra Sheba snacks!  So far I had salmon, whitefish and tuna and savory chicken!  Yum yum!

I have to go back just to get weighed on Saturday to make sure I am not losing anymore.  Sure hope it's not a thyroid problem like my brother Manny has, but I don't think it is.  Now I just have to make sure I do not get too fat again. 

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Summer said...

I hope you put some weight back on, Spunky!

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