Friday, December 16, 2016

Another Bus Nightmare: Gotta Look on the Bright Side

Thursday was a horrible bus day for me.  With temperatures at 16 degrees, white out conditions and snow on the ground, I had to wait an hour for my morning bus.  Then once on the bus, it took 20 minutes longer than usual!

As if that wasn't bad enough, coming home was almost as bad!  I had to wait an hour for the bus AGAIN so got home 45 minutes later than usual.

But, I tried to stay positive and look on the bright side.  There is always something to be thankful for in every situation.  In this case, I was thankful for the following:

  • I had a really long, warm, L.L. Bean winter coat on with a hood that provided not only warmth, but a nice fur trim that kept my glasses from getting all wet.
  • I had a warm furry vest on under that coat.
  • I had great warm furry leg warmers to keep my legs warm.
  • I had good boots to keep my feet warm and my toes did not freeze.
  • I had gloves to protect my hands with deep pockets in the coat to keep them warm.
  • I had other people to wait with to talk to which made the wait more enjoyable.
  • I had a loving husband at home who took care of feeding our cats supper on time.
  • I got a lot of reading done on the bus ride.
  • Even though I got to work a half hour late, I did not have to make up the time or use PTO. 

So, I was not in a terrible mood at work or when I got home.  I am very blessed and always look for the good in every situation.
In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.(I Thessalonians 5:18)
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Gattina said...

It is far better to take it positive than getting angry, wouldn't change anything !

Sandee said...

I would hate living in snow country for many reasons. Wearing all those clothes, slipping and sliding around on the ice/snow, taking forever to get from point A to point B. There are many mores, but you get the idea.

I'm glad you didn't get angry. That's key with these kind of things. Always having a book to read is what I do too.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

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