Monday, December 19, 2016

A Very Enjoyable Afternoon Watching The Nutcracker

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending a ballet performance of the Nutcracker than one of my 6th grade girls from our Sunday School class was in.  It was so much more enjoyable and entertaining than watching the Cleveland Browns lose once again.

The director did an amazing job with incorporating all the various ages and the performers all looked happy and seemed to be having fun.  I've only seen the Nutcracker performed once before and was totally lost not even realizing there was a story involved until I read the back of my program after is was all over.  This performance had a gentleman reading part of the story before the different scenes were performed which I appreciated and gave the dancers a little more time to change.  I was impressed at how fast they changed costumes and how beautiful they were--there was only one I had a problem with!

The dancing was very impressive too, they put their legs into positions I can't even do standing still.  Their flexibility just was amazing to me and they made it look easy and effortless!  Of course, the music is beautiful and the hour and a half performance flew by for me.  I was surprised at how fast the time went!  

The auditorium was almost full and there was so much love and support in that room that is was touching.  Flash photography and videos were banned during the performance, but afterwards, it was cool to see many of the parents rush up front to get pictures of the children who performed.  It was also heartwarming so see so many men in jeans and flannel shirts there supporting their girls.  I actually enjoyed this performance more than the professional one I saw.  The younger girls who played the mice and angels were really funny and made me smile. 

I always thought my worst nightmare would be to have a girl who liked ballet, but after getting to know Susanna, the girl in my class that I went to see perform, I realize it would not have been so bad after all.  She is wonderful!

If you have never seen a ballet, I would recommend you go sometime and expand your horizons.  It is truly a beautiful experience! 

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