Wednesday, March 25, 2015

How I Spent My Day Off--Vet, Read, Shopped and TV

A Sleep Day for Manny Boy
We took Manny Boy to get his teeth cleaned today and sure enough, just as I suspected, he had to get two extracted.  So much for the $50 I saved on the dental cleaning this month.  Poor Manny.  I felt so bad for him not being able to eat anything after 6:00 p.m. last night or breakfast this morning.  He followed me all around wondering when I was going to give him breakfast.  I finished reading The Black Stallion Mystery while Manny kept coming on and off my lap. 

Finally, I gave Spunky her breakfast before it was time to get Manny loaded into the carrier.  I put an empty bowl in his usual breakfast spot on the table and then when he looked at it, picked him up quick before he knew what was happening and dumped him gently into the carrier.

Off we went to the vet with Abby too for her vaccine and blood work at 8 a.m.  I am happy to report that Abby is fine, everything came back normal for her.

Abby was allowed in this store so we brought her along too!
After the vet, we went to Penney's to use my gift card.  I got socks but couldn't find any knee highs.  I also looked for an 8x10 picture frame, but think I could find cheaper ones at Marc's or Walmart so used the rest of my gift card on Gerard's Puma Tennis shoes.  I didn't get the call about extracting Manny's two teeth until 11:30 a.m. when we got back from Penney's.  Now I'll have to go get some soft food for him. 

Back to Natural Pet Enrichment Center for more Pork Stew by Lotus Just Juicy and Weruva Meow Luau Mackerel/pumpkin.  The vet said to keep him on soft food for 14 days!  He should be given 3 cans a day, sure hope he likes it that much. That's a long time when he's used to getting only dry food.  I'll also get some Lotus Just Juicy Pollock Stew for Spunky Doodle--she really loved it last time.  The ladies at the store said I should rotate the flavors so they don't get accustomed to just one or grow tired of it.  They said they change it up for their cats and never give them the same kind two days in a row.

Gerard's new shoes, first time he got Puma!
When we got back from the pet store, I gave Spunky a can of the Pollock Stew and she gobbled it up.  Gerard went to put on his new shoes and found that plastic thing from the store still in them.  After waiting for about 10 minutes for a price check because they weren't in the system, the cashier forgot to remove it so back we went to Penney's.    

Teeth cleaning is over $500 for the pets and I always wonder if it is really necessary.  I know bad teeth can cause lots of other problems in cats, so I guess it is.  I want to have my cats live long lives and if I hadn't taken Manny for his teeth cleaning, he probably would have other problems besides getting two teeth pulled.

I also had time this afternoon to blog, play some brain games, watched some of the Dan Patrick sports show and Judging Amy, and spend some quality time with Abby and Spunky Doodle.  Finally 4:30 came and I went to get my Manny Boy.  He is in a grumpy mood and his leg was wrapped up but at least he had clean teeth and the bad ones were out.  He didn't want anything to do with me though--if I came in the room where he was, he'd take off.  Can't really blame him. 

Do you take your pets to get their teeth cleaned?  What kind of food do your cats like?

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Sandee said...

We took Little Bit to get her teeth cleaned for years and then one time it took her three days to recover so no more. She's too old we think. Anyway she lets dad brush her teeth every morning and the vet says her teeth look great.

I'm glad Manny Boy is home. He'll warm up to you after a bit. Cats hate going to the vets office.

Have a fabulous day. Scritches to the babies. ☺

Lin said...

Aw, poor guy. He'll be your friend again in no time. I'm sure he is just in some pain.

Mrs4444 said...

We've never had our cats' teeth cleaned, and they've all lived 12-16 years, so we're probably going to stay the course. I'm told that ragdoll cats have bad teeth, though, so we may have to reconsider. Glad everything went okay!

BeadedTail said...

Hope Manny feels better tomorrow! Bet he'll enjoy that wet food!

Karen, author of MY FUNNY DAD, HARRY said...

He seems to like the pate type all right but not the stew kind. I bought the very high premium kind but maybe I should try something less nutritious like Whiskas to get him starting to eat again. My dad's cats loved that kind.

Beaded Tail: This is two days since he had his teeth pulled, still not big on eating yet. Hopefully tomorrow.

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