Sunday, March 29, 2015

Breakfast Battle With Manny Boy

Manny's Late Supper Friday

My cats are making me crazy!  Manny has to have wet food for 14 days since he had two teeth pulled on Wednesday.  He is very stubborn and only used to dry food so it was a challenge finding some soft food he would eat.  After trying several different kinds, I found he would eat Pate so problem solved, right?  Wrong!  Yesterday, he ate pretty good but then threw up his lunch, what a mess!

This morning as you can see from this video, he was not cooperating.  To make matters worse, Spunky loves the wet food and it is difficult to keep her away.  I have to make sure Manny is in a room with the door closed when eating.

Just for fun, here is the list of kinds I tried this morning.  See if you can guess which one Manny finally finished 2 1/2 hours later:

Beyond chicken, beef, carrot recipe pate
Sheba chicken pate appetizer
Sheba mixed grill cuts
Sheba turkey pate
Sheba whitefish & tuna pate

If you guessed the Sheba chicken pate appetizer, you are right!  The same thing he ate yesterday for his bed time snack.

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Sandee said...

Now that he's had a taste of canned food he may not want to go back to dry food. It happens. Glad he's eating though.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

Summer said...

Some kitties are just picky, especially when they've been used to one thing. Fortunately for my human, that is not the case here!

Lin said...

Hobbes is like that too--he is a dry food guy. It's hard when they don't feel well and then they can't eat what they want to.

Does he like chicken? Maybe you can just cook up a chicken breast and cut it up really small for him so he doesn't have to chew it. That would get him the nutrition he needs AND it would taste good.

We've been doing that for our Grace--I cook a couple of chicken breasts and just warm up a little for her when it is time to eat. You can keep it in the fridge so that it is ready to go.

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