Saturday, September 6, 2014

What! Can't See The Browns Game? (UPDATED)

I never heard of Raycom Media until this week when they pulled Channel 19 from DirecTV so I can't watch the Browns/Steelers game tomorrow at home.  Now they also pulled it from Dish and Cox!  This is really mean and greedy of Raycom Media, owner of Channel 19.  Boo on Raycom Media!

I am upset about this but I guess I won't be watching many Browns games this season unless DirecTV can come to some sort of agreement.  Maybe one of my friends will be able to get the game, and invite me over to watch with them.  I can only hope!  Hint!  Hint!

As of Sept. 1 when this article was posted, Raycom is supposedly trying to reach an agreement with DirecTV but it doesn't look good:  Raycom Media Continues Negotiating With DirecTV.

UPDATE:  They reached an agreement the day of the game!  I was able to watch the Browns come from 27-3 at half time to tie the game and lose it in the last 10 seconds with a field goal by the Steelers.  Too bad they didn't start playing until the second half. 

There were some bright spots though:

1)  They actually had a running game going even with the first string running back hurt and out of the game early.

2)  QB Hoyer played very well the second half (except for that last series when they went 3 and out.)

3)  They did much better than I expected.  I thought they would get blown away.

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Karen and Gerard said...

Yay! They arrived at an agreement so I get to watch the game on our TV after all instead of going to my friend's house. Thanks anyway, Pam.

Lin said...


I was thinking of you today because I was painting in my garage while everyone else in the 'hood was apparently watching the Bears on TV. I could tell you how the game was going by all the yelling a screaming...then the silence...that was going on. Who needs TV??! Hahaha!

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