Wednesday, September 10, 2014

My MRI Fiasco

I left work early today because I had to go for an MRI.  When the technician came out for me, her first words after "How are you?" were "I'm sure you heard about the horror stories with MRIs."

I said, "No, I haven't, and I don't want to."  What a greeting!

Then when she was trying to give me the injection, she couldn't find a vein big enough.  She tried about five different places before she finally gave up and said she couldn't do it. 

She tried calling my surgeon who ordered the MRI to let him know and see what he wanted to do, such as maybe an ultrasound, but his office closed early today.  She'll call him in the morning.

I'm not sure what to think about this except that I'm in God's hands and He is in control.  At least I saved my insurance company some money.  They should thank me for my tiny veins.  Too bad I wasted 3.5 hours of my personal time off though; not the way I would choose to use it but at least I didn't take off the whole day.

Does anyone else have small veins like me? 

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Lin said...

That doesn't sound like a good nurse/tech that you got. You'd think that they could find someone else who could find a vein? I'd be miffed too.

Sandee said...

That would be me too. I've had blood tests that it too three people to get it done. I looked like a pin cushion when they were done too. Not fun at all.

Have a better afternoon/evening. Scritches to the babies. ☺

BeadedTail said...

That does not sound like a good experience at all! My veins in my arms are impossible to get and if they try, I end up all bruised so I get the butterfly thing in the top of my hand. It's more painful but at least it works. Hope your surgeon provides an easy solution!

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