Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday Fragments: Scary Things, Work, Redecorating

Friday Fragments is hosted by Half Past Kissin' Time for bloggers to post a list of short things on their minds that aren't really enough for a whole post.

What a Relief!

My husband gave me a real scare last Sunday. On the way home from church I got a call from him whining saying "I had an accident!" I asked him where he was and he said outside our house. I was only about 3 minutes away so said I was close and would be home soon. (I really like our Ford Escape which has a cell phone feature that I can answer and talk on my cell without taking it out of my pocket, so please, no lectures about using the cell phone while driving.) Turns out he was just fine, and his "accident" was spilling the dog's water while falling over our cat, Manny Boy who ran right in front of him. The water got on our newly painted kitchen wall and made a big ugly spot. He's such a drama queen. I was so glad he really wasn't in an accident!

Frightened at Lunch

Yesterday was nice enough to go to a nearby park area at lunch time. I had some multi-grain chips with me, but unfortunately, I think they attracted a bee. This bee came really close to me and I was afraid it was going to crawl on me. I got up and it followed me so I dropped the bag of chips on the ground, hoping it would follow the bag, but it didn't. Finally, after standing relatively still and praying that God would protect me from this bee so I wouldn't get stung, I no longer saw it's shadow and so picked up the bag, closed it up tight, walked the rest of my lunch hour and finished my chips when I got inside.


I had another CRAZY busy week! I am feeling like a juggler lately, trying to keep everything going but at the end of the day, I think I was only caught up one out of five this week even with working 45 minutes extra. I look forward to a better work week next week with my main boss out of town all week and the secretary who was on vacation that I backed up for will be back.


We are very pleased with how our rooms turned out and that everything is back in the right place. I moved some pictures around too. I'll put pictures up in a separate post this week. Whew!

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Lori said...

Bad hubby for scaring you like that! Men can be such babies sometimes. Meanwhile, you're out there fighting off killer bees! Busy work days are stressful, but at least the week flies by. Hope you get to relax this weekend and the bees leave you alone!

Sandee said...

I think hubby was scared of him messing up the wall and what your reaction would be. Just my guess. All is well that turns out well. This did.

I'm glad you love your new look in your home. Nothing like redoing and cleaning up.

Have a fabulous day. :)

Lin said...

Oh boy...sounds like a crazy week for you!

Tell Gerard that he cannot make panicky calls like that unless there is blood.

The bees are so insane while summer winds down. Might have to eat indoors until after the first frost. :(

I hope next week finds you caught up, going home on time and relaxing while you enjoy the updated homefront.

StarTraci said...

Glad your husband was okay. That would've given me a start, as well!

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