Monday, April 15, 2013

Woof! Woof! The Cats Win Again! by Abby

My mom went to the new design for her YouTube channel so had to create a header.  This is the one of me that I really liked:

As you can see, I am right in the middle and when this was loaded on YouTube, both Spunky and Manny were cut off (I admit it, so was the title).

But I was smiling big and all cute like taking up practically the whole thing!  But unfortunately, mom re-did it and chose to use this one instead:

Yup, see the cats are now in the middle and only part of my head shows when loaded on YouTube.  Okay, the title shows too on this one, but don't you all like the first one better with me in the middle?

If you watch it on your TV, then you get the whole picture, but on YouTube and mobile devices, only the middle part shows.  Does anyone watch YouTube videos on their TV?  We don't.

At least I have my own playlist with all my videos so if you are looking for videos of me, you can quickly find them!  Woof!  Woof!

Manny:  Enough already, everyone knows CATS RULE! 
Spunky:  We have a playlist for us cats too, with 47 videos.  How many do you have, Abby?

Abby:  26, but there are two of you and only one of me!  WOOF!  (I always get the last word, hee, hee.)

Join in Monday Mischief and AWW Mondays with us.

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SlimDoggy said...

Abby, I like the first banner - you're so pretty we want to see more of you!

Sandee said...

Awww, I love the third one the best because the entire family is featured. Love your shot with Abby and that big smile of yours. Awesome.

Have a terrific Awww Monday. :)

Lucky Lady said...

I like them all, good aww monday and have a good week

Mike Golch said...

the first banner is so neat.

Unknown said...

I like each one of them, they are all pawsome Karen.

Have a great week :-)


Sparkle said...

My human tried to watch a YouTube video on the TV once and it looked crummy. We stick to the laptop or the iPhone!

BeadedTail said...

We haven't been to our YouTube channel is a long time. We have lots on our to-do list! And yep Abby, cats rule!

Flea said...

They all look like fun! So hard to choose. More dog!

Unknown said...

I like the first one too. But with two cats of course they will always win.

Lin said...

Crud, we have to make headers on Youtube now too?

Yours look good!

2browndawgs said...

Those are very nice headers. Ah our much neglected youtube

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