Thursday, April 4, 2013

Trying Something New--Getting Our Carpet Cleaned! (Writer's Workshop)

Every year my hubby hints about hiring a professional to come in and clean our carpets.  His mom used to have theirs done every year but my mom never once had it done that I can remember.  So, we are at opposite ends of this spectrum; however, this year, I finally caved deciding to give it a try when my hubby showed me the Spring Cleaning Special that Dan and Vanessa's Best Carpet Cleaning has going.  We get four rooms cleaned for $80.  (He considered the hallway and stairs two areas and charged an extra $10 for that plus tax.  My hubby is very excited about finally getting this done after living here almost 16 years now.  The hall and bedroom that we are having cleaned today was here when we moved in.

Here is the biggest test though:

Living room:  Dirt stain by our front door

Upstairs den:  cat stains and worn
We tried and tried to get the living room carpet and the den carpet cleaned but nothing worked.  We are anxious to see if the carpet cleaner can get this cleaned.  I think he'll get the living room one cleaned but seriously doubt if he'll be able to get the den spots out.  We'll see.

After it was cleaned, it looked like this:

Success on the living room!

This is a hopeless cause.
For cat pee, call a professional carpet cleaner first BEFORE trying to treat it yourself.  Live and learn.

Do you have your carpets professionally cleaned each year?

This post is in response to Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop prompt:  Something new you tried. 

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Sandee said...

Your cats pee on your carpet? Yikes!

We clean our carpets ourselves. We are going to have them professionally done later this year as it's been over a decade since we built our home and it's time to have them professionally done.

Have a terrific day. ☺

Jamie Miles said...

We mostly have wood floors (old house) but there is a carpeted area in the back that I am dying to have replaced with tile or something for this reason. We have animals and I really need to rent a cleaner and take care of it. I think $80 for four rooms seems like a great deal.

Sparkle said...

The carpet here is in SERIOUS need of cleaning - I think it used to be off-white! And it is not even the fault of us kitties, it is the humans and dog tracking dirt from the outside.

BTW, thanks so much for voting for me in the Next Top Cat bracket and being such a big supporter!

Unknown said...

My husband borrowed a carpet cleaner from his sister and did ours himself. They turned out good. I think that price you got for carpet cleaning sounds really good. Our downstairs is all hardwood floor and I'd like to eventually rip all the carpet out and install hardwood upstairs too.

Unknown said...

That is a very stubborn stain there. Most likely steam cleaning is the best to treat this kind. Yes, Professional cleaner knows the best.

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