Saturday, August 8, 2009

What A Scary Morning--Almost Lost Abby!

As usual we took Abby to the park this morning. I didn't bother bringing my video camera or digital along because I figured we already had pictures of walks in the park. Little did I know today we would have yet another adventure and it would be different from other walks in the park!

We were walking along really well, Abby was staying with us real good and we were having a great walk through the Big Creek Metropark. When we came to the main road, it was going so well and she still had a lot of energy so we decided to continue along and cross to the other side. I thought we could take a short break so crossed through the wide open area and sat on a bench for awhile. All of a sudden, I notice Abby is off the leash, running down the park road, around the bend and kept on going even though both Gerard and I were calling her to "come." Ha! A lot of good that did! She was really moving and people were stopping to help us try to catch her. (Actually it was only about maybe three minutes what seemed to me like 15, she changed direction and headed back toward us. She went by a couple men who were working on the shelter roof and Gerard called to them to please stop the dog for us, which the one guy did after asking if it belonged to us.

I am so thankful it happened at that park in an area far enough away from the main road and not while Gerard was walking her early this morning or while we were crossing the main road to get to this side of the park. I'm surprised it didn't come off when I was running with her across a flat patch of grass and trees near the parkway road. Whew! It could have been so much worse!

I believed she would come back to us at some point (if she didn't get hit by a car first) but it was good that nice guy was able to stop her. Abby looked so happy running free like that it made me wish we knew of someone around here with a farm where we could let her run free. Several people at the park watched as we called for her and started calling for her to come too. One couple even got in their car to go look for her.

The crazy thing is I can't figure out how the leash came off. The metal hook that is connected to the collar that it was attached to did have a tiny gap on the one side but was not big enough for the leash to pull through. The dog trainer thought it may be the leash and the clasp must have slid over somehow and slipped off. What a scare!

Gerard waited with Abby holding onto her collar while I went all the way back to get the car and bring it over (about 20 minutes later). Then we headed for PetSmart and got her a new collar and leash. When we went to PetSmart, one of the clerks show us how we could wrap the leash around the collar and then through the handle of the leash and hold the other end but neither of us even thought of that at the park.

I had left my video and camera in the car figuring we already had pictures and video of the park outings with Abby so people wouldn't want to see another one--too bad I didn't have this on the video--she was really beautiful running so fast over the grass and it was sort of funny that she didn't think about us at all. The best I could do is take some of her dog training class today and her getting her new collar. Her class mates Chewy, Killer are in it. We worked on the "come" command. You can be sure we'll be working a lot more on that one outside too!


Kathy said...

I'm so glad it turned out OK, but I would have been scared too. I let one of my cats outside and on rare occasions she'll sneak away and I have to go find her. We do have an invisible fence, but don't put the collar on her because for the most part, she stays put (she's 17 years old).

Anyway, I'm glad Abby is safely back with you and give her a pat on her head for me, will ya? She did good in the store when you told her to sit.

BeadedTail said...

How scary! I'm glad it turned out okay! There's been times when I've been left holding a leash with a collar but no dog in it. It happens so fast but somehow they can back out of those collars somehow. We keep Sadie's collar so it can't slip over her head anymore but it's still loose enough to be comfortable for her.

Abby did a great job sitting today! She's one smart cookie!

The Florida Furkids said...

That had to be super scary. We're glad things turned out okay.

We liked watching the class - Killer is adorable and Abby did a good job!

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

Daisy said...

Oh wow, that must have been very scary! I am glad you recovered Abby quickly and all is well. I'll bet Abby likes her new leash and collar!

The Author said...

I'm so glad everything turned out okay. How scary!

Karen and Gerard said...

Kathy: You have an old cat! Sure would hate to lose her! Our cats stay inside all the time. Abby did do well in class, came right away when we called her to each other too there, just not outside where it really counts. Hard to train her outside because we have such a little yard and it's not fenced in.

Beaded Tail: She had a great run! I'm just so thankful we got her back okay and no car hit her. The collar was still on her, it was just the leash that came off but we got a collar now that is used for Greyhounds who have such small heads. Abby won't be slipping out of this collar. The old we just slipped off right over head!

Furkidsmom: Yes very scary which made for a stressful Saturday and now I am paranoid about taking her out. I keep wondering if this collar will break or if this leash will come off too. Glad you liked the training video--more to come. Abby learns quickly if treats are involved.

Daisy: Very scary indeed, but Abby does like her new red collar--it's much fancier than the plain black one she had before.

Mountain Woman: Me Too! Thanks for the advice on Facebook!

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