Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What To Do With All These Trees?

When I made a donation to the Arbor Day Foundation, there was am offer for ten free trees and two lilac bushes.  We have a small yard but since I like lilacs, I thought it might be nice to plant a couple somewhere in our yard so checked the box.  A few days later, I got a confirmation that my trees and lilac bushes would be coming soon.  I'm picturing ten small short trees waiting on our front porch for me to get home and thinking there is no where for me to plant ten trees in our yard!

I immediately sent back a note telling them to keep the trees and just send the lilac bushes.  Well, maybe they didn't read it or did not comprehend it because I did receive ten trees and two lilac bushes in the mail.  They were just sticks and in a long plastic container.  I was very surprised but relieved that they were not the 4-6 foot small trees I had imagined.

The "envelope" containing my 10 trees and 2 lilac bushes


They laid on my dresser for about a week while I tried to think of someone who might want them and be able to plant them.  Right after I posted on Facebook about them asking if anyone wanted them, I thought of Pam who loves trees and gardening and who also has a very big front and back yard with woods on her property as well (yes, I actually do have some face-to-face friends).  I called her and she was happy to take them.  I know they will have a good home there, if I didn't kill them off first by waiting a week.  They weren't exactly "planted immediately.".       

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