Friday, May 18, 2012

5 Things We Learned This Week 21 of 2012 (TV, pets, trees, Casino, hats)

Friday Fragments is hosted my Half-Past Kissin' Time for bloggers to post a list of short things on their minds that aren't really enough for a whole post. We like to share what we've learned each week.
  1. Parenthood

    Really glad to see Parenthood got renewed! We both like this show--it's both funny, dramatic and heartwarming!
  2. I'm so happy I won!


    I am very pleased to announce that yesterday I was informed that Spunky Doodle won Lisa Unger's Pet Contest and will be in one of her upcoming books! Thanks to all who voted for her!
  3. Fruit Salad Tree

    When I read Need You Now by Beth Wiseman, I learned that there is a tree that has several different fruit on it called a fruit salad tree. This is a Christian Fiction novel that doesn't have everything hunky dory, but shows how even Christians have struggles. Click on the link to see my review.
  4. Cleveland Casino

    The Cleveland Casino opened this week, located right on the square downtown, within a 15 min. walk from where I work. There were long lines to get in, but that is one place I do not think I will be going. I don't have money to throw away. I only "gamble" with play money--that's fun.
  5. Straw Hat Day

    May 15 was National Straw Hat Day and I missed it! I'll be ready for it next year with my Safari jungle hat.

(50 cents per legitimate comment during May goes to Joni and Friends for family retreat scholarships for those having special needs children.)

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Lin said...

Yea for the winner! How exciting for you and Spunky Doodle!

I'm not big on casinos. I think they just attract people who shouldn't be gambling their money anyway. I have this theory that all the people who are gambling shouldn't be on the gov't "payroll". If you have money to blow on gambling, then you have to pay full price for medications and receive smaller social security checks or no welfare checks at all.

I need that fruit salad tree.

Tami said...

Why am I surprised there is a National Straw Hat day? There is a day for everything! LOL

Keetha Broyles said...

Being a biology teacher I thought "What?!? One tree, multiple TYPES of fruit?"

Well - - - I googled it - - - it does happen, but ONLY because branches of various different fruit bearing trees are grafted onto the same "stock" or trunk.

THAT explains it.

Wayne W Smith said...

One of the most interesting and sad at times research I ever conducted was doing 24/7 surveys in a casino. As a person who studies human behavior it was fascinating. As a human it was way more sad that happy.

BeadedTail said...

Yay for Spunky Doodle! That's exciting news! If the casino has a buffet, it might be worth checking out! Especially if there's a Sunday brunch - if you go right before the brunch starts you pay a lower price but then get to enjoy the brunch when it starts. Just sayin! :)

Rebecca said...

That's terrific about Spunky!!!! Casinos and "gentlemen's clubs" do seem to be in the rise. :(

I'll check out that book. I have a difficult time finding good books to read. I usually check out your reviews but my tastes are somewhat different than yours. I like historic stuff (or historic fiction) but I can't stand all the filth that's in today's books. If you have any suggestions, I'm happy to have them!

by the way, did you read my post about cat-food flavored coffee, on Freaky Frugalite earlier this week? I thought you might get a kick out of it.

Doreen McGettigan said...

Yeah Spunky Doodle!! Yeah Parenthood!! We have a casino about 10 minutes from our house. We went quite often when it first opened. I won quite a bit but decided it wasn't good for me so I havn't been back except for a few meetings that were held in the club there.
Have a wonderful weekend!!

Junk Drawer Kathy said...

Congrats to Spunky Doodle! Hey, my sisters and nieces are in Cleveland right now. They're sending me pictures of their visit to the "Christmas Story House." Wish I was there! (My knee injuries kept me from going. I knew I couldn't keep up with them. They're there for one of my niece's high school band events).

Sparkle said...

Concatulations to Spunky Doodle! That is awesome that she won!!!

Ann in the UP said...

Congrats to Spunky-doodle. I love the picture:she looks ecstatic!

I'm with you outside the casino. I think it's a tax on the math impaired. I have a friend with a real addiction, and I feel sad for her.

I haven't been keeping very good track, but it sounds like your baseball team is doing better than mine!

Karen and Gerard said...

Lin: Interesting theory! Good luck on finding that salad tree.

Tami: It does seem that way!

Keetha: I figured this is how it happened too but they must graft it really early because the author said it just looked like a stick when they planted it.

Wayne: I'd sure like to see the results of that research--sounds interesting to me!

Beaded Tail: We wouldn't bother even going there for a buffet--it's just too inconvenient to go downtown (paid parking, one-way streets, buses). Besides, it would probably be expensive too--at least for our budget. When we go out to eat lately, we pay just $5 each at Denny's.

Rebecca: Gerard enjoys the historical books more than I do. I did like "Hurricane Season" about a high school football team rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina. If you go all the way to the bottom of our book blog, you will find the tags. We have one for historical, history and historical fiction (some overlap).

Yes, I did see that post of yours about the cat food flavored coffee.

Doreen: I wonder how long the Cleveland Casino will be a draw. The outside of the building looks really blah. It's not very attractive at all, but I am a bit curious how the inside looks. It used to be Higbees (a department store).

Kathy: Which high school? If you ever do make the trip here, please let me know. I'd love to meet you!

Sorry I couldn't respond to you all by email, but I lost all my contacts under my blogging email. Unless you include your email when commenting, I won't be able to respond via email until I get them all back. What a headache!

Spunky Doodle thanks everyone for their congrats!

Daisy said...

Hooray for Spunky Doodle!

Mrs4444 said...

We love Parenthood, too; they do a great job portraying autism realistically.

Not sure I'm buying the fruit salad tree.... :)

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