Wednesday, May 2, 2012

7 Good Health Habits I Actually Have

Karen Golfing at Shawnee Hill Golf Course

I came across this video by Dr. Oz last week sharing 7 Habits of Thin People and thought I measured up pretty well. Below is a list of the points he mentions and how I measure up:

1. Exercise before breakfast. I have found that this is the best time for me to get exercise into my day and was happy to see that it is on this list! I’ve been doing just about 15 min. of in-home exercises before I get dressed. That way, I get it in!

2. Eat small meals through the day rather than big ones. No kidding! This is just common sense and I usually do this. At the fitness class I am currently in, the one nutritionist told us that we should use the 95-5% rule which is that if we eat right and do what we should 95% of the time, then it is okay to go ahead and splurge 5% of the time. For me, a normal week consists of three small meals a day with a couple morning snacks. I only have one big meal once a week on the weekend when we go out to eat breakfast. Even that one, I cut down from what I used to eat at Hometown Buffet since we switched to Denney’s.

3. Eat slower and savor your food. I do savor my food but could probably eat even a little slower. Gerard eats slower than I do because he generally reads while he eats.

4. Eat breakfast every day! I love breakfast and have no problem with this at all. I actually look forward to breakfast. It makes sense to eat more calories at the beginning of the day to fuel up so that you have energy during the day to do things and time to burn them up before going to bed.

5. Weigh-in regularly and journal progress. Well, I do check my weight at least once a week. I used to journal my progress when I worked out at the gym, which I’ve pretty much stopped doing. I just got tired of it and decided to exercise at home instead and just try getting more active during the summer.

6. Have a fitness hobby outside of the gym. I really like this one because it’s more fun. I look forward to playing tennis and walking more again as the weather gets warmer. Maybe I'll even get some golf in this summer--it's good exercise because we don't use golf carts when we go!

7. Drink lots of water (32-64 oz.) is what I’ve been told. I do good on this Monday through Saturday but should really increase my intake on Sunday. For some reason, I just don’t think about it as much on Sunday.

How do you measure up?

(50 cents per legitimate comment during May goes to Joni and Friends for family retreat scholarships for those having special needs children.)

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Sandee said...

I measure up pretty well too. Got to take care of the body.

Have a terrific day. :)

Rebecca Mecomber said...

Hm, I'm not following many on that list. I just can't stand the smell or taste of food in the morning, it makes me so queasy.

Motherhood really messes up fitness, I think. There's no way I could ever drop everything and go to the gym! Meal times are sporadic and husbands seem to like a big meal at the end of the day. And I could never drink so much water-- after having four kids, the muscles surrounding my bladder would collapse with the weight! LOL

However, running around after toddlers is QUITE the exercise. ;) Now that my kids are older, I have a little more free time but the old habits are hard to break.

I like that golf photo! I have never golfed. Mark Twain once said that Golf is a good walk spoiled, lol. I love the peaceful scenery, though, and the quietness of it.

BeadedTail said...

I hate mornings so I exercise at night. It actually helps me sleep so it works out well.

Anonymous said...

I drink all day! Just not water. I start out with a good shot of whiskey in the morning( usually wild turkey) then I follow that with about 4 smokes. I at least pound 2-3 beers before walking out the door. If I have time on the way to work I stop and grab a shorty of Wild Irish Rose. On my first break I got a Gatorade bottle in the fridge mixed with a little Absolute and red Gatorade to get me through lunch. Lunch is kyat a free for all. I stop on st the local watering hole and pound as many beers down as I can in an hour. The rest of the day just sucks until I go home and pound brews until I pass out and just do it all over again the next day!

Lin said...

Uh, I swear that comment is NOT from me! Hahaha!

I get up at 5:30 to make it to work as it is---I'm not sure I'm willing to get up much earlier than that. Good idea though, but not always realistic when you have a family and one shower.

I eat pretty well and drink a lot of water. My problem is portions lately. I've noticed that I can't eat as much as I used to and that is hard to adjust. I have to adjust my eyeballs as well as my stomach!

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