Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Trip To Amish Country--Millersburg, Ohio (Part 1)

Cows and sheep
Last Tuesday I went with our senior group from church to visit Amish country for the first time and enjoyed every minute of it!  It was a two-hour bus ride there so I spent most of that time reading Never Fall Down.  Here are some pictures that I took from the bus using the sports setting to help cut down on the blur:

Lots of fields
 We saw lots of horses and some cows along the way in wide open fields where all you could see for miles was fields. I wondered how they possibly could take care of such a large area and so many animals! It was fun seeing a whole different culture just two hours away.

Horse pulling a buggy
Thanks for driving, Pat!

Along the way we saw several horse-drawn buggies but it was hard to get a good picture because we were moving pretty fast and by the time I saw the buggies, and got my camera ready, they were out of view.  At one point though, there was one on the road just ahead of us and we passed it up.  I was surprised the big bus didn't scare the horse.  I'm also surprised there aren't more buggy accidents since they plod along on main roads.

Even windmills

We also saw some windmills on the way which surprised me. I wasn't expecting to see those! We stopped at a cheese shop to pick up an Amish couple, Jonas and Edna, who shared some things about the community and its history with us and also came along with us to the home of an Amish family where we ate lunch and several stores that we visited during our trip. More about our visit at the Amish home tomorrow.

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Lin said...

Sounds like a great day, Karen! It's fun to learn about the Amish and how they live. They are very skilled craftsmen, too. I love shopping in an Amish community, although nothing is cheap!

You have to be careful photographing the Amish people--they do not like their photos taken. I try to respect that, but it is very hard as their wagons and dress are beautiful to see.

Rebecca said...

I admire the Amish folks for maintaining their principles and for living off the land. I've never been to an Amish farm, though.

Sandee said...

Looks like you enjoyed Amish country as much as I did. It's indeed an impressive group of folks.

Have a terrific day. :)

BeadedTail said...

That looks like a fun trip! I've never been to Amish country before but would like to one day!

Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

Lin: There are different levels of Amish from very strict and old fashioned to pretty modern and less strict. I guess each community has their own set of rules. The ones we visited didn't mind us taking pictures of them.

Rebecca: I've read several Amish books but seeing it first-hand was very special. I have great respect for them too.

Sandee: Yes, they are a very impressive group.

Beaded Tail: Do you have any around where you live?

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