Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What Would You Do With An Unexpected $75

When I get gift cards, I like to use them on something I normally wouldn't buy for myself. At work, we were offered $75 in gift cards for just getting a little health checkup right at work! We could choose what stores we wanted to get them for. I used $25 for Bath and Body Works.  This soap comes in lots of different fragrances and I love how it foams up.  I get the kind with the moisturizer in it because my skin gets real dry and I don't like the greasy hand lotions.  This will last me for awhile!

I let Gerard use the $50 for Sears to get new tennis shoes--his wear out fast! When I asked him what store he would like to get his shoes from, he chose Sears.  Actually, I'm going to get myself some heels so I can wear my nice skirts and dresses to church again sometimes at least. My feet are so slender it's hard to find comfortable heels so I didn't know what store I would find them in (most likely online) so by using it for Gerard's shoes I feel better about spending money for mine.

We actually had some left for a tank top and some socks too!  I feel like we hit the jackpot!

Do you like Bath and Body Works too?  What would you choose if you got $75 to spend out of the blue?


Alice said...

How wonderful for you guys. I think you spent the money well. I love the heath food store and would love to have $75 to spend there on teas, food items, oils, soaps:)

Sandee said...

What a great idea for the gift cards. What would I want? Haven't a clue. I'm not a shopper so I would have a tough time with this one. Perhaps a grocery store would be more to my liking.

Have a terrific day. :)

Daisy said...

My Mommeh loves the Pillow Mists at Bath and Body Works. You spray it on your linens before bed, and the scent is soothing and relaxing.

BeadedTail said...

You picked out great things with your $75! I'd love to get a $75 gift certificate to a bead store since I spend way too much there!

Ann in the UP said...

I love Bath and Body and would love to spend a bundle on the bath stuff. I'd stock up on some scent I loved because they change them quite often and my "favorite" has to keep changing all the time.

Karen and Gerard said...

Ma: We used to get a powdered protein drink from GNC--just two of them would have used up $70. That would be a good choice though too.

Sandee: A grocery store would have been a good choice as well but that wasn't one of the options.

Daisy: I never heard of pillow mists before. Wouldn't it make the pillowcase wet?

Beaded Tail: Hobbies are expensive. That would be a good choice for you.

Ann in the Up: I noticed they change the scents a lot. I was looking for the plain Vanilla scent I liked but couldn't find it so settled for warm vanilla sugar.

Happy shopping everybody!

Traci Marie Wolf said...


Good makeup. I haven't had the expensive stuff in a while.

The Silver Age Sara said...

I used to have Bath & Body Works where I lived and I loved them. They would have the best sales and I'd always stock up. Hmm, if I got an extra 75.00 now it would go to treats for chicks I do believe. You'd be amazed at all the things you can buy for chicks these days. So glad you got the extra money. Your firm sounds wonderful.

Karen and Gerard said...

Mountain Woman:
Your chicks are lucky to have you! I think my firm is a very good place to work!

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