Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Silly Mom Made Me Proud (Writer's Workshop)

When my mom taught preschoolers in Sunday School, one little boy said to her once “Wow, those are the biggest muscles I ever saw!” She thought it was funny he thought her flabby arms were muscular. My mom did not like her picture taken, kind of like the Amish that way. She was a big lady and self-conscious about her weight which is why I think she did not like getting her picture taken. Consequently, I have very few pictures of her but just a few weeks ago, I came across this one which is the best! She was not one who over ate, but she had a terrible time with weight control. She finally joined a Take Off Pounds Sensibly club (“TOPS”) and even got voted in as President! This picture of her was taken at TOPS the year she won for losing a lot of pounds. She was so happy that I went to the awards dinner with her. I was extremely proud of her.

One of the silly memories I have of mom is when she got her false teeth. You know how a little kid sticks out his tongue when someone says something to them they don’t like? Well, my mom used to do that with her false teeth. I thought it was funny when she would push them out of her mouth sometimes when she was in a silly mood. It always made me laugh! I wish I had a picture of her doing that!

What’s a funny memory you have of your mom? Was there a time when you were extremely proud of your mom? Do you have false teeth?

This post is inspired by Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop prompt to write about a memory of your mother.


Sandee said...

Yep, if your mom where here today and had a blog I'd be one of her regulars. I sure would. Moms are so very special. I miss mine too.

Have a terrific day. :)

Jessica said...

Your mom sounds like a great lady. I don't have false teeth and I hope I never do.

BeadedTail said...

Your mom sounds like she was a lot of fun! My mom and I have the same sense of humor so we often laugh really hard at things other people don't quite "get".

As for false teeth, no one in my family has those because we're so adamant about going to the dentist. My co-worker's 45 year old husband never went to the dentist and he's getting false teeth June 1st.

Anne said...

What a fun Mom! Love that she made you laugh. I love to be silly myself just ask my kids! Life is too short not to be silly and have fun!

Anonymous said...

God bless your mom!

I remember my grandmother put her false teeth in a glass of water when she went to sleep at night and it used to scare my little sister :-)

I still got almost all my teeth :-)

Unknown said...

Hi Karen - I only have a moment but wanted to let you know I dropped by!! I am glad I got a window into your mom by reading your book too.

And thanks for contributing to Cystic Fibrosis - one of my Twitter/FB friends is 25 and has CF - I want her to have hope!

Lin said...

My mom says funny stuff, but she isn't really meaning to be funny. She's really kinda crabby about things, so I don't like hanging with her. I would love to have a blog with all the weird stuff she says and does. Right now I can't write about it because she creeps on my blog.

Jenna said...

what sweet memories you have of her, you speak of her so tenderly and with a lot of understanding :)

Paulette said...

Your Mom sounds great! Thanks for sharing.

Visiting from Mama Kats

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