Saturday, May 14, 2011

4 Things We Learned This Week 19 of 2011 (animals, TV, blogging)

(These Fragments are a day late thanks to Blogger being down. Oh well.)


Armadillo (picture from Wikipedia)

These cute little creatures can carry bacteria that causes leprosy so humans who hold them run the risk of getting leprosy according to the Cleveland PLAIN DEALER. I think they are an interesting animal and like watching them at the zoo but will not be holding them.



Male elephants do not hang around female elephants unless they are mating. They usually hang with other males. Willy, our zoo's only male elephant, was just introduced to the four female elephants at the Cleveland zoo this week. It seems a couple of the ladies were interested in him. (My zoo post with video is scheduled for Tuesday.) Here's a short little preview for you:


The final of Survivor: Redemption Island is on Sunday at 8 PM EST. I don't want to miss this! Anxious to see who will win.

Blogger and PNN

I found out that I really miss blogging and commenting when Blogger was down for a whole day and a half and is down too! I blogged about Survivor and would have linked to it for the above fragment by can't. Just get an error message when I try to go to my Always Looking Up blog on PNN. Very frustrating!!!

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Ann in the UP said...

I felt isolated without blogger too. I had so much stuff rumbling around in my head to share with others---which promptly got forgotten when blogger returned!

Lin said...

I actually liked that Blogger was down because I could use that as an excuse to be off the computer guilt free! It was good to know that I wasn't missing anything! :)

I'm excited for Survivor too, but I'm frustrated because the Apprentice is on the same time and I'm hooked on that now too! Ugh.

I just read that about Armadillos! They found one dead on the side of the road up here the other day. They think someone must have brought it up here as they are not known for these parts, nor for traveling very far.

Russ said...

That was very interesting about the Armadillo, we are also waiting to see Survivor.

BeadedTail said...

We're looking forward to the Survivor finale too but aren't sure who we want to win.

Interesting about the elephants! And Blogger sure messed things up around here!

Karen said...

I heard about the Armadillo/leprosy thing too. That is so interesting. My husband has always wanted a stuffed armadillo. It is kind of a joke between us. I don't think he will be getting even a stuffed one! His beanie baby one will have to suffice.

Mrs4444 said...

The Blogger thing was very frustrating, but I was happy to not be missing much :)

What? You have something against leprosy? haha Glad you're going to pass on snuggling with them. I'm sure the elephants will provide lots of entertainment in the coming years.

Daisy said...

There are lots of armadillos around here. They dig holes in the yard looking for bugs sometimes!

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