Monday, May 23, 2011

Time To Plant Our Flowers!

We don't need as many flowers this year because the bare circle in our front yard from when we removed our evergreen tree has shrunk so much that we planted grass in it this year. The only flowers we had to get were a few for the back and flower boxes and containers for the front porch. Gerard lets me pick them out and he does the planting while I take pictures and blog.

I love our purple phlox that comes back every spring. Unfortunately, some weeds have a stronghold in the one place and I can't get them out!  I tried thinning it out one year and transplanting some of it but it didn't work.  We planted our extra flowers in front of the fence at the end where the phlox stopped.

I decided to go with begonias this year. They are usually sturdy and last long into the year. We got a variety of colors because Gerard likes the different colors.

Here is a couple of our planters that are finished. Moe's garden is in the backyard and we'll show you that picture in Spunky Doodle's post tomorrow.

Of course, our dog, Abby, was the supervisor. She loves being outside with Gerard.

Gerard was so excited about the great weather and getting the flowers in that he also sprayed Weed-b-gon to get rid of the dandelions in our yard (hope it doesn't kill off all the grass and clover too or we'll have plain dirt). Then, he went to attack some of the weeds behind the garage!

Good job, Gerard!  

Hope you had as beautiful a weekend as we did!  Have you planted your flowers yet?  What kind to you plant?


Rebecca Mecomber said...

I haven't planted anything. I bought some blackberries and a few hostas, but it has not stopped raining! I can't seem to coordinate my schedule with the weather. Our yard was pretty much ruined by the flooding. :( It's got me pretty low, but we've been through it before. I'll just wait it out.

BeadedTail said...

Great job Gerard and great job snoopervising Abby! I need to plant some more flowers in the back but I don't know what I want. They'll be perennials so they come up every year so I want to make the right decision. I do like those phlox so maybe I'll get some of those too!

Ann in the UP said...

Your phlox look beautiful! I have only planted my raspberry bush but I have tons of volunteer raspberries which thrill me! Hooray. My peonies, iris, lily of the valley, and hostas are all reappearing. I'm trying to decide if I should move my hosta plants. More urgent things to do.

Lin said...

We've got phlox too--I like those. I spent the day on Friday planting in pots and around the yard. I have a lot of perennials, so I don't put many annuals around, but it still took all day. Ugh.

You have Abby, I have Hobbes. Aren't we lucky to have supervisors like them??!

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