Monday, August 23, 2010

Why Wear Neckties?

Here is a picture of Gerard on Sunday morning before we leave for church. He wanted me to take a picture of him to post just to show our readers that he does wear ties and dresses nice sometimes too. Actually, he has a whole lot of ties, and we don't even have children that give them to him as gifts every holiday. He has a nice variety of ties, most of which I bought for him. The only purpose for neckties is to say "I'm dressed up." They also show you are looking professional or businesslike.  It's no wonder men like "casual Fridays" when they do not have to wear neckties.

For someone who wears suits every day, they are a way to at least show some of your personality or interests. The only time Gerard will wear a tie is on Sundays to church or to a funeral or wedding. Since he works at a warehouse, one of the benefits is he can wear jeans, shorts and t-shirts.  That's the best thing about his job!

What does your tie collection look like? Do you wear ties often?

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Mountain Woman said...

My late husband LOVED ties and had so many. He had to wear a tie every day. Mountain Man has one. Loved the photos!

Rosemary B❤️ said...

My daddy worked 30 years for the US Govt and wore suits and ties every day.
Then he retired. Now he wears a tie about 5 times a year. At present he works at home every day and wears shorts and a tshirt. He puts nice clothes on if he has to go to a meeting.

bonks for a very attractive tie collection

Ileane Smith said...

At work we switched from casual Fridays to "business casual" everyday! The guys don't have to wear ties, but the the shirts they wear must have collars. We women can were just about anything except halters but they're not in style right now anyway. I love the change because there's no real reason to dress up for each other even though we work in an office building.

BeadedTail said...

Gerard looks very spiffy in his tie! I don't think my husband has a tie anymore. He used to have to wear them when he worked in Accounting but when he started working in IT/computer programming he could dress business casual. I don't have anything dressy to wear anymore either so we'd be stuck if something came up where we needed to dress up.

Lin said...

Ooooh, them is some snappy ties Gerard has there! ;) Joe wears ties a lot to work, so he's got a bunch. I love the fabrics of ties and I love to go look for ties for him. Problem is they are just so darn expensive!!

Junk Drawer Kathy said...

I've always felt bad for men having to wear ties. I'm glad that's the one thing women aren't expected to do. I can't stand anything around my neck. I don't wear necklaces and all of my tops are scoop or V-neck! I probably haven't worn a button up blouse since my school uniform!

Rebecca said...

I vaguely recall that the necktie was invented to show that some workers were subservient (aka, slaves) to others, by wearing a strip of cloth around their necks. I'm not sure if this is true, but it probably feels that way, wearing a tie around one's neck all day!

Still, it's nice that the modern man can wear designer and colorful neckties. My husband has a few "power" ties that are very bright and colorful, and I like them.

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