Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Long Drive Out Of My Comfort Zone (Writer's Workshop)

I am a homebody who does not like to travel so any long drive is out of my comfort zone. One of longest drives I ever took was four hours down to Cincinnati with a friend to go to King’s Island. I was so happy we didn’t get lost (this was before the GPS).

We had a great time and stayed over night at a nearby hotel where we even went in the pool. Swimming is something else I seldom do but we had the whole pool to ourselves so that was pretty nice. I don't like getting splashed.  For a laugh and to get an idea of how much I do not like to swim, visit My Funny Dad, Harry post about an old photo of me in a photo tag challenge. 

One of the best things that was most unusual for us was riding on an elephant! How many people get to do that? (I'm the one farthest back)   A little girl neither of us knew rode up front.

I also like roller coasters and “The Beast” was really fun and long too! It was a wooden track, went very fast, lots of turns and hills and it lasted longer than 30 seconds.

I combined two of Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop prompts for this Post:  A long drive... and Steppin' Out Of The Box (describe a time when you went way out of your comfort zone).

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HisBell said...

BEFORE GPS? When was that? j/k I just can't survive with out it and don't want to think about all the many times I've gotten lost! lol

The elephant I think would top my list too! Never have... but now on my to-do list! lol

BeadedTail said...

It looks like it was worth the drive! Have you been anywhere that far since 1982?

Petula said...

It's funny how I've been wanting a GPS and not only was there no GPS back then there wasn't Mapquest or anything. What else is funny is I think we spent less time being lost because as soon as we got turned around we would just stop and ask. Well, at least as women we did. LOL... I have a fear of being lost so of course I always want to know exactly how to get somewhere.

Your adventure sounds like so much fun. I remember when I took my oldest daughter to the circus in upstate NY when we lived there. We walked out into the stadium and this giant elephant was a few hundred feet from us. She wanted to ride him and the entire way I kept trying to convince her that she didn't want to ride him. Truth is I never let her get on anything like that without me in case something happened. I was scared and didn't like sitting on his haunches 'cause it jiggled & jolted too much. Well, at least I can say I had the experience. :-)

You've provoked all kinds of memories with this post. Love it!

Jessica said...

The Beast definitely doesn't look like something I could handle! Ahhh...a little much! :)

Karen and Gerard said...

HisBell: AAA shows you how to get places. I rode a camel too at the Cleveland zoo!

Beaded Tail: I went to Pennsylvania to be a camp counselor at AWANA Scholarship Camp a couple years but if I remember right, it was more like three hours. Have not gone this far since we've been married.

Petula: Glad I brought back some nice memories for you. I felt pretty safe on the elephant since we had that rail around us to hang on to.

Jessice: At least it didn't go upside down. I forgot to mention the long dark tunnel too! It was great!

Mrs4444 said...

That Momma Kat's always got great writing prompts, doesn't she?

It might be time to stretch your wings again!

April said...

Sounds like my kind of trip! I love roller coasters too (and riding elephants!) Thanks for commenting on my blog! God bless!

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