Monday, August 9, 2010

We Drove To The Cleveland Browns Scrimmage Saturday!

Brown & White Scrimmage Photo of the Day
Ben Watson gets... on Twitpic
Ben Wilson scores a TD for the Brown Team!

Well, last Saturday instead of going to BlogHer, Gerard and I debated whether to take the bus down to the Browns stadium for the FREE Family Day scrimmage game or break out of our comfort zone and drive downtown.  I really don't like to drive in downtown Cleveland because of all the one-way streets, some lanes are only for buses and lots of no left turns.  Gerard, however, hates the bus and it only runs every hour on Saturday.  Plus, we would have had about a 15-20 minute walk from the bus stop and who knows how long we would have to wait for it.  When we got back from the park, I checked the bus schedule and we just missed one.  That convinced us to drive.

Then we had to decide if we wanted to use the GPS and park right at the stadium or just park at my work parking lot and walk.  It would be a far walk from there so I figured as long as we were driving, we might as well park at the stadium--it only cost $5.00.  I do not like to drive on the highways because the speed and all the traffic makes me nervous when I'm not sure about what lane I need to be in so was glad when Gerard said he would drive.  I set up the GPS and off we went.  I still got nervous but asked Gerard to slow down some and he did.  Our GPS directed us and we got there safely in plenty of time.  We even got a great parking spot that was easy to get out of without even having to back up!  Coming home though, we went the scenic route like my bus goes so didn't need the GPS on the way home.

At first we walked around outside where they had game stuff set up for the kids but we got there too late for the free food.  Here's a picture of me at the photo shoot in a Browns uniform!  I had my sunglasses on because although the temperature was in the upper 70s, it was a very bright sunny day!  Then we looked for some seats near the 50-yard line. 

We could sit anywhere we wanted in the whole stadium!  It was awesome!  We found great seats in the second highest section from the field at the 40-yard line.  Unfortunately, all the seats under the overhang in the shade were taken but we found some in the row right in front of the first row of shade.  I figured as the sun moved, we would eventually get in the shade.  It was HOT!  I had to get water even if it did cost $4.00 which Gerard got for me.  The temperature was only in the upper 70s, but we were sweating just sitting there.  Even the kids were sweating!  A kid behind us (yes, in the row with some shade) even said his shirt was all wet!

At half time, we walked over to the other side and went upstairs where there were fewer people by the club seats and found seats in the shade in the last row at the 50-yard line.  It was way more comfortable in those shady seats!  Too bad we didn't find those sooner.

Gerard's report on how the team looks:

He said the offense has a long way to go.  We were expecting more excitement with more long passes than what we saw.  After all, it's not a real game.  I thought they would be more daring since there wasn't anything to lose.  They made quite a few penalties too.  I asked him if he had anything good to say about them and he said the defense looked good.  I think the offense is actually better though too because they weren't tackling.

We left at the beginning of the 4th quarter and did not stay for pictures and autographs of the players afterward because we wanted to get out quick and avoid the traffic jam, which we did!  Yea!!!  Abby was glad to see us get home in time for her supper.

How is your football team shaping up?  What fun thing did you do over the weekend?

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Sandee said...

What a fun outing indeed. And finding that shade was the very best part. Well except for that great parking space.

Have a terrific day. :)

BeadedTail said...

Sounds like a fun time! I wish there was a pro football team near us but at least we have a college team in town.

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