Thursday, August 19, 2010

Are you a bigger sports fan than Gerard?

When I saw this car at Giant Eagle while grocery shopping, it got me thinking about sports fans. Obviously, the owner was a Big Ohio State Buckeye fan. I thought this car looked so cool (Gerard and I being Buckeye fans too) that I went home for my camera to get a picture of it, hoping I would make it back in time.

What makes a fan? I gave this question some thought and came to the conclusion that it is much more than someone who attends sporting events. That certainly is part of it; however, I made a list of other things that indicate a huge sports fan lives in our house, and that would be Gerard. I thought I was a sports fan until I met him and discovered what a real fan is. Take this little quiz to see if you (or your husband) is a bigger sports fan than Gerard by scoring one point for each answer you beat him on.

1. How many sport books do you own?
Gerard has 28!

2. Do you get sport books from the library?
Gerard does about two a month.

3. How many sports do you watch or read about?
Gerard has six.

4. How many days a week do you watch sports events on TV? Six

5. Do you let losses by your favorite teams ruin your mood the rest of the day?
Oh yes, Gerard does—absolutely.

6. How many DVDs or VHS tapes do you have that are sports related?
Gerard has 20!

7. How many sports related decorations (blankets, pictures, stuffed animals, coasters, towels, etc.) do you have in your living room? Throughout your home?
Two in our living room, 46 throughout our house

8. How many days a week do you wear your sports apparel?
Gerard wears something sports related every day.

9. How many different sources (count each website separately) do you get sports news from? Nine

10. When you watch a game (live or on TV), do you actually pay attention and yell loudly?
Yes, Gerard does—I have to get this on video one day!

11. How many outside sports decorations do you have in your yard or on your house?
We only have one.

12. Do you have a car with your team logo on it as in picture above? If you do, you win!
No, not yet.

If you scored 7 points, then you (or your husband) are a bigger fan than Gerard. I only scored point—when the Browns lose it does affect my mood the rest of the day.

If you would like more detailed answers on any of the above, leave a comment and I'll be happy to do a post just relating to that particular question giving more detail. 

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Daisy said...

The only sports we watch are the Miami Dolphins during football season!

Rebecca said...

If Gerard scores, say, a 10 for sports fan-itis, then I probably score a -10. I hate sports!

In public school, gym class was hard for me-- the teacher would assign teams and we'd have to go off and play basketball or football. The problem was that the teacher always made the assumption that everyone knew how to play those games. I knew nothing about sports, and had no idea how to play the games. So I was the one who was always wandering around the field, wondering what to do.. lol.

Mike Golch said...

Gerald has me beat hands down! But i do have several cleveland realted sports themes in my Fire Fox personas.

Sandee said...

We don't do sports at all here. Hubby doesn't care about them and neither do I. We don't have television so couldn't watch sports even if we wanted to. So our score is a big juicy wonderful ZERO.

Have a terrific day. :)

BeadedTail said...

Here's my husband's score:
1 & 2 - he only occasionally reads books on sports - 0 points
3) he follows 8 sports - 1 point
4) seven days a week! - 1 point
5) just the day? How about ruin his mood for several days! - 1 point
6) none - 0 points
7) Our family room is the 'sports room' filled with sports decorations. We have a closet full of those that don't fit and enough sports Christmas ornaments to fill an entire tree so I'd guess over 100 items - 1 point
8) Every day he's wearing either something with a team logo or something from ESPN Zone - tie
9) Ten different sources - 1 point
10) Oh yeah! I always worry the neighbors can hear him! - tie
11) Five - 1 point
12) No, thankfully not! His SUV does have sports bracket around the license plate, a sports hitch cover and decals on the window. - 0 points

Not sure if I scored it right but it looks like Gerard is a bigger fan although I think they are probably both the biggest sports fans I know. My husband knows so many facts on pretty much every team/sport he sounds like an ESPN commentator!

The Silver Age Sara said...

I guess we are not true sports fans in this house but MM does watch football and we are deep into the preseason games which means I get lots of book reading done :-)

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