Monday, November 2, 2009

Our Favorite Reads For October

Gerard's Favorite: Life's That Way by Jim Beaver

Before I get started on my review, please pray for Jim Beaver and his daughter, Maddie. Life's That Way by Jim Beaver is probably the most emotional book that you will ever read. Do not expect to just breeze through it because it is too emotional and gut wrenching. It’s also a fantastic and tender love story. There are so many reasons to read this book. This book is a collection of emails that Jim sent to family and friends when his wife, Cecily, was diagnosed with lung cancer. It got turned into a book! You will feel so many emotions while you read this book. Anyone will be able to relate to what Jim went through and is still going through. You will remember this book long after you finish reading it. I highly recommend you read Life's That Way!

Karen's Favorite: The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks

The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks is an interesting romance involving a single mom who took care of her elderly mother and helped her with the kennel, and a vet who felt the photograph he found of her in Iraq brought him luck so wanted to find her because he felt he owed her. He walked across the country with his dog to find her and had a little run-in with her ex who happened to be the Sheriff. He also had a dog who traveled with him which added to the interest of the story for me. This was a good read if you’re looking for a light family type story with some suspense tossed in. I liked it!

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