Saturday, November 14, 2009

Summer In November In Ohio!

We started the day with our usual breakfast at Hometown Buffet. I went to the ladies "Sweet Saturday" gathering at church and had a great time. Then we took Abby for a ride to Sears and Gerard bought a Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner.

Today our weather was great--unbelievable for mid-November! We took Abby to the park where she got to meet some new dogs, bark at some squirrels and see a couple deer who she did NOT bark at! I was very surprised at that. By the time we were on our way home, the temperature was 70!

Gerard and I changed into shorts and went to play tennis. Other years the nets are taken down on Oct. 31, but this year they are still up so we took advantage of it. It was the first time I've played since my lumpectomy and I still won 6-2, 6-1 and didn't have any pain. I am SO thankful for that because I tried using my left hand at first and it was not good!

To top off our day, the Ohio State Buckeyes won in overtime against Iowa and are headed for the Rose Bowl now on New Year's Day! Gerard is very happy about that!

Hope you had a super Saturday too! Was your weather as good as ours? What did you do?

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ruthi said...

Hi Karen, it's nice to hear that you and Gerard are having a blast there in Ohio. My Saturday is not what I expect it to be. It is soggy the whole day. I planned to go to the craft fair with my Filipina friend today since Hubby is out early this morning to go deer hunting. He can't get enough, he just had a 200 pounder 10 pointer poor buck the other day. But since it was raining... I just stayed home.

Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo! Wasn't that field goal w/like 13 seconds to go...Awesome? I'm excited too! Go Buckeyes!

I saw the title of your recent post in the rollcall, and I had to drop by because I posted about the beautiful weather we had yesterday too! Can you believe it? Our local forecast shows that it's sticking around through next Friday.

What can I say? I'm thankful for the small stuff!
Wishing you a wonderful Sunday:)

Lin said...

Can you believe that you have shorts on in November???! Crazy, but nice. :)

angelina la dawn said...

nothing can make you happy like unseasonably warm weather! and being from michigan i'm really supposed to hate all you buckeyes, so i just won't tell my hubby i've been lurking on your blog. it'll be our little secret :)

Brandy Ellen said...

Weather here was nice as well, about 60 degrees :-) Which is odd this time of year! Didn't do as much as I had hoped as I have been having dizzy spells most of the weekend so I laid down to rest for most of the afternoon, sad really as it was a beautiful day!

Your day sounded great!

Homestay Mama said...

Well our weather was rain, wind gusts, lightening and thunder, hail, and more rain throughout the day, so I stayed indoors and deep cleaned the kitchen! I'd say your Saturday was a lot more pleasant than mine!

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