Thursday, November 19, 2009

Did I Really Want To Change My Life Forever (Writer's Workshop)

(Photograph taken by Mike Solomon)
Deciding to marry Gerard was a bit scary because I liked my single life. I was already in my 40s when I met Gerard and I only knew him for six months before we got engaged. I said "yes" to his proposal of marriage even though I knew my life would be changed forever. (You can read "13 Changes In Our Life Since Marriage" to see how both our lives changed.)

For both Gerard and me, marriage is a sacred union that is for a lifetime with no guarantees. I knew Gerard thought I was "the one for him" right off but I wasn't so sure. After much analyzing, I did know I loved him and that I could be a good helpmate for him. I thought of how I would feel if he wasn't in my life and I didn't want to go there. I also knew I didn't want to spend my whole life alone like four of my aunts did.

Although many things did change, I'm glad I took the plunge! I love our house, our pets, and our life together. There are little bumps now and then, but we are both committed to each other and that will carry us through. We both compromise on things and each gives in to the other to keep things good between us. Marriage is a work in progress but I think we are doing very well.

Gerard says marrying me was the smartest thing he ever did. I think it is too!

This was a prompt for Mama Kat's Writers Workshop. Find more posts there or pick a prompt and participate yourself. Here are links to the other Writer's Workshop posts I did this week: A Thanksgiving To Remember and Our Dog's Most Destructive Behavior

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Junk Drawer Kathy said...

I'm so happy for both of you! I do sometimes think it's best to wait to get married until you've had a life of your own. Sure, it does change things forever, but you sound like you're the perfect match for each other. "A sum greater than its parts."

Melissa aka Equidae said...

its true marriage is always work in progress...guess i had the same doubts and sometimes still have but truly i know that deep down i've always known he's the one :)

Andrea said...

Beautiful post! Love the wedding pic, too. :)

Sandee said...

Marriage is indeed a work in progress. It's the best decision I've ever made. Marrying my hubby that is.

Love your sense of humor in this post as well. Gerard says marrying me was the smartest thing he ever did. I think it is too!

Have a terrific day. :)

BeadedTail said...

It's wonderful to share your life with someone you love! Nice post today!

The Bumbles said...

Yup - that's the kicker - trying to picture your life without that person. That is a sure way to figure out how you really feel.

Los said...

I knew right away with my wife ... but, I was still scared, just because of the big change. I think we've done very well, though.

Lin said...

Such a nice story, Karen. I think we'd all do better waiting a bit before we get married. It's hard though because of the whole "clock" thing and having children, I get that. I think every marriage is a work in progress!

Unknown said...

What a nice post. I think love is always grand! I am glad you have a special love like Gerard : )

The Constant Complainer said...

Congratulations on your happy lives together. I'm sure getting married in your 40's is tough, because you're already set in your single routine.

The Author said...

I totally agree with you that marriage is a commitment for life and it is that commitment that gets us through the bad years as well as the wonderful ones. What is most remarkable is the depth of this kind of relationship.
I'm so very happy you found each other and have such a wonderful life and we get to share it too through your blog which makes it even better. Blessings to both you and Gerard.

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