Friday, August 2, 2019

I'm Actually Doing Something I Always Thought Would Be Fun!

What, you ask?  Fantasy Football!  Yes, that's right.  I think it would be fun to manage a team and I like football.  The only reason I haven't played before was because I thought it cost money, but I got an open invite to join a league that is free!  Our Pastor is the administrator and other players are mostly, if not all, from my church.  I do find it odd though that I am the only woman.  We have 12 teams and I am excited to participate in this new experience. 

When I told my husband about it and asked if he would help me choose my players on draft day, he said he would like to play too and have his own team!  So, I signed him up as well and he has helped me by pointing me to some sites that rank the players according to how valuable they are to a Fantasy team (since scoring is based on individual accomplishments).  He also bought a magazine that gives lots of advice and information about the players and even some example draft teams by "experts."  He is nice and is sharing it with me! 

I have much to learn before draft day.  We are doing our draft online which gives me some anxiety, but I'm sure I will catch on once it starts.  It just seems it would be more fun and easier to do it all together somewhere face-to-face. 

My team is called Parma Pandas and my husband's is the Boston Barkers.  I'm sure by having a fantasy team it will widen my interest to include players and teams besides the Browns.  I will still root for the Browns every game even if some of my fantasy players are playing against them. 

I'm excited about this!  Let me know if you have any good advice for a beginner like me.  I'd like to hear the name of your team if you are playing Fantasy Football this year.

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