Saturday, July 27, 2019

Dog Fashion Show by Parma Animal Shelter

Today we went to Honey Hut to use Gerard's gift certificate and then on to Veterans Memorial Park to see the Parma Animal Shelter's dog fashion show.  It was fun seeing all the different dogs and they included their shelter dogs in the hope of getting some adopted.  We saw several that we liked but the one we liked the most they couldn't tell us anything about because they just got him and he wasn't vetted yet.  He is black and white (like our cat) and his name was Walker--I'm thinking because he must like to walk.  He is the last one in the video.  (There were even more dogs I would have taken pictures of, but unfortunately, my battery ran out.  Boo.)

It was very hot in the sun though and I felt bad for the dogs who were dressed up.  I seriously doubt if any of them wanted those clothes on.  Some were really cute though and at least there was a nice breeze.  I couldn't help thinking about our wonderful dog, Abby, and wishing she was with us.  I know exactly what she would have done.  First off, we would not have dressed her up other than maybe have a kerchief around her neck, but I know she would have sniffed out that big treat jar that was just sitting unguarded at the beginning of the runway.  She was such a smart dog!

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