Friday, August 16, 2019

Get A Pet Saturday - Bargain Day at the Shelters!

Saturday, August 17, is Clear the Shelters Day!  Pets are up for adoption at reduced rates and over 3 year-old pets are free to good homes!  Just know, pets are not cheap to take care of.  Smaller pets are cheaper than bigger ones and can give you much love and companionship.

Pets are lots of fun and certainly bring new life into a home but consider the expenses involved.  For cats, litter box and cat litter is absolutely necessary.  Monthly flea and heartworm prevention, of course food and treats.  Maybe a nice cat tree and some toys although most cats are very happy playing with simple things around the house such as milk bottle caps, crunched up small paper balls, ping pong balls and shoelaces.  If you have a spinning chair, you can give your cat a slow ride on that and they love boxes and paper bags--just make sure any handle is removed for safety.  Then there are vet bills for vaccines and stuff that comes up.

For dogs, must haves are leash, collar, dog license, food, treats and perhaps a crate depending on age and behavior of dog when left alone, vet costs for vaccines and other stuff that comes up.  Monthy heartworm and flea & tick prevention.  Then there are the fun extras, a retractable leash, dog bed, boots for winter, bones to chew on, possibly steps to assist in getting in and out of car.  Also, I would recommend training classes the PetSmart conducts for dogs.  It was a great experience and is a good way to build a strong bond with your dog as well as get it socialized with other dogs.

There is pet insurance available to help with the vet bills.  In the past, we never had pet insurance; however, after our experience with our dog Abby getting attacked while walking and her dislocating her shoulder, I have decided to get it for our new dog Roxy.  You just never know what will happen and when disease or accidents happen, costs are very expensive.  The best I found is at ASPCA pet insurance .com. 

Pet ownership is a big responsibility, but also lots of enjoyment and fun!  Go find one!

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Brian said...

We hope lots of homes are had! We're all rescues here so we can sure appreciate it.

Lin said...

Many employers offer pet insurance in their benefit packages now!

Karen and Gerard said...

Lin: That's wonderful! My company does not, but I am going to get the ASPCA insurance for Roxy. Spunky is already 15 so just the comprehensive plan with preventive care would cost more than Roxy's with premium preventive care!

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