Friday, May 29, 2015

Feline Friday: Ready for Breakfast

We're ready for breakfast, mom!
Manny Boy and Spunky Doodle sit on the steps waiting for me to come give them their breakfast.  (They were both watching me but of course when I got the camera, Spunky looked away.)  I give them half when I first get up in the morning and then some more after I have my breakfast.  I have to do it like this so Spunky doesn't chow down too fast and regurgitate it--even this way doesn't always prevent that from happening.  I also have to feed the separately so Spunky doesn't go after Manny's food.  He gets more because he's a bigger cat so I have to close the door to his room until he's done eating.  Sometimes I let Spunky have his leftovers if it's just a little.  Supper is done the same way and they get a bed time snack.

That's our feeding routine, what's yours?

Joining Feline Friday today.

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stevebethere said...

Aww! they look adorable and so contented heheh!
Have a kittytastic weekend

Summer said...

It's pretty complicated here too - Binga eats slower than Boodie and me, and we will steal her food, so my human has to separate her sometimes.

Sandee said...

Little Bit gets wet food now since she lost so much weight. We give her two cans a day. One at 10 in the morning and the last can in the late afternoon. She has dry food too and can eat that anytime. She gets a few low protein treats each evening.

Have a purrfect Feline Friday. ☺

Kathe W. said...

we just had to change Lucy's feeding she gets wet food 2x a day and only at night do we put out a bit of dry food.
She's very happy about the change as wet food used to be a small treat 1x a day! Your photo reminds me of the Christopher Robin poem about being halfway up the stairs!! Here's a link to that poem- it's quite cute!

messymimi said...

Ours get dry food, except for Kida. We have to chase the others away from her canned food, but she's too old to eat the dry any more.

Happy Feline Friday!

Lin said...

Oh, it's good to know everybody else has crazy feeding issues too. I have Grace, who is old and cannot get enough to eat. She is too skinny, but she isn't really wanting to eat anymore.

Then we have Hobbes...who is too fat...and all he wants to do is eat. So, he is on diet cat food, but then he eats Grace's food. So, he gets yelled at and then Grace gets scared and runs away and Hobbes gets all the food.

It's nuts. I am tired of this.

BeadedTail said...

Good job looking away Spunky Doodle! :)

Breakfast is served when Daddy goes downstairs after getting ready for work at 5:30am. They each get 1/4 can of wet food then get the remaining 1/4 each around 11am or whenever they're hungry. They get dinner between 4-5pm and then get a little more before bedtime to make sure they make it until morning. Some floofy white kitty gets hungry in the middle of the night so tap, tap, taps on somemommy's forehead so she can get treats. *sigh*

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