Friday, May 22, 2015

Feline Friday: My Two Cats Chilling Out in the Afternoon

Manny Boy:  You are not supposed to see me in here!

Spunky Doodle:  This is so comfy!
Both are in our "cat room" upstairs.  Yup, a special room just for our cats!  Hey, it's an extra bedroom, what can I say?

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stevebethere said...

Aww! ones camping the other lounging heheh!

Have a kittytastic weekend :-)

Kathe W. said...

love it! Cats need a place to chill out!

Sandee said...

Kitties should have their own room. I think this rocks.

Have a purrfect Feline Friday you two. My best to your mom and dad. ☺

Summer said...

Wow, you two kitties are lucky! Even we don't have that... unless you count the whole house as being ours, and the humans are just there for show.

Mike Golch said...

when our furbabies were alive the whole condo was their napping/hang out place.whe had to check the chairs before we sat down in them.

Lin said...

We have an extra bedroom now and it has turned into the "cat room" for now. Hobbes likes to sleep in there and we have a litter box for Grace and a water fountain. Our cats sure have the life, don't they?

Love Camping Cat!

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