Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Yay, I'm Forgiven!

My cat, Manny Boy, is back to his sweet loveable Mr. Nice Nice self.  When I got home from work the day after his dental cleaning, he greeted me at the door as usual and jumped up on the table to eat his supper.  Then jumped up into my lap when I was on the computer just like normal.  He laid on me while I watched two TV shows from the couch.  I'm so glad he is not holding a grudge.  

When I went to pick up my cat from the vet, they made some mischief too by giving me this letter they actually wrote trying to make me think it was from my cat.  As soon as I got to the third sentence, I knew Manny did not write this:

Dear Family,

Thank you so much!

Today was a very big day for me!  The staff here was so caring and friendly I wasn't nervous at all!  They kept telling me how good I was being and that everything was going to be okay.  They told me that the injection they were going to give me was going to make me very sleepy and when I woke up my dental cleaning would be over!  It seemed like only a few minutes, and when I woke up I felt just fine.

They were always checking up on me making sure I was comfortable and warm which was nice.  They also told me that they had called to let you know that I was doing just fine and to see when you could pick me up!  I was so excited to show you my sparkling clean teeth!

Thank you for caring and taking such good care of me!  By keeping my teeth clean and healthy we can have a longer life together.
 You are the best owner a pet could ever ask for! 
It was cute and it did make me feel a little better about putting him through that, but I knew it wasn't really from him.  (See yesterday's post, "Mom's Up To Serious Mischief" for Manny's real thoughts.  I keep telling myself that it was worth over $500 if it extends his life. 

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Sandee said...

It took you that long to know Manny didn't write the letter? Bwahahahahahahaha. That made me laugh out loud.

I knew he'd come around and be your little love cat again.

Have a terrific day. Scritches to all the babies. :)

Lin said...

Oh, kitties don't hold a grudge too long--that's what I love about them! I'm glad that he's back home and happy again. And did the right thing to have his teeth cleaned.

Mrs4444 said...

Kids don't like going to the dentist, either, but they're better for it, of course! Manny's lucky to have you as his mommy.

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