Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Mom's Up To Serious Mischief by Manny Boy

I am so mad at my mom!
Yesterday I knew it was going to be a bad day when I didn't get my breakfast on time.  None only was it not on time, but I didn't get any at all!  Mom rattled the bag trying to get me upstairs where that pet taxi was and as soon as I saw dad in that room, I ran the opposite direction and hid behind a chair.  So did Spunky, but mom was really after me this time.

When I got downstairs and saw all the closed doors, I knew I had to hide quick.  Mom managed to pick me up and drop me into the pet taxi while dad held it.  It was two against one, not fair at all!  I was so cold when they brought me outside into the car.  Very uncomfortable!

My mom left me there at 7:45 a.m. the vet's all day!  I was so mad and hungry!  They poked me to get some blood to test and then after a few hours of being confined and ignored, they knocked me out while the head guy cleaned my teeth.  You know what mom and dad were doing while I was being tortured all day?  They went to see some movie called "DIVERGENT" and went out to lunch at CiCi's.  I must admit they did call before the movie to see when they could come and get me, but it was a long time.

I just slept while I waited to get picked up and I was happy to see mom again when she finally came at 4:45 p.m.  When I got home, I was not going to let her pet me and just went off to hide in the basement to be alone and rest from my horrible day.  I was glad when I heard mom looking all over the house for me and couldn't find me.  She had to get dad to help with the hunt and he finally found me behind a basement chair way in the corner.  Mom brought me a little bit of food, but I showed her.  I just walked away from it.

She tried again a couple hours later when I was in the den and by then, I couldn't resist any longer.  I was starved so ate it.  I woke her up around 2:00 a.m. to give me a night time snack too.  She put Spunky in the other room with the door closed so I could eat in peace without Spunky trying to get my food.  She's trying hard to be nice to me again.

What do you say?  Should I forgive her and be my nice affectionate self again, or hold out a bit longer?

Joining in with Monday Mischief and Cats on Tuesday.

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Lin said...

yesterday must have been vet day--Grace had to go for her annual visit too.

Hope you are feeling better today--especially with your teeth all shined up and all! Go enjoy a sun puddle and forgive the mom--she loves you. You won't believe what that day cost her!

Cathy said...

Sweet post. It's fun to think about what our pets may be thinking of us.

Sandee said...

You should forgive her because she was doing what's best for you by getting your teeth cleaned. Give her some love.

Have a purrfect day. :)

BeadedTail said...

Eventually you can let her off the hook but you should milk it as long as you can!

Mrs4444 said...

That's odd; I had to open this in Explorer before the word Comment would open up for me!

Typical kid!:) I enjoyed reading this.

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