Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Time For Some Poetry (UPDATED--Revised)

Our motivational name poems:


K is for Kind, generous to people
A is for Alluring, drawing people in  Analytical, thinks through everything
R is for Ravishing, an entrancing beauty Rascal, sometimes a bit mischievous
E is for Eloquent, the gift of expression Entertaining, making people laugh
N is for Noteworthy, having remarkable achievements

(This is actually a funny one if you know me.  "Alluring, Ravishing, Eloquent" are not words I would choose to describe me.  This made me laugh!) 


G is for Gracious, handling matters with class Growly, when arising at 4:30 a.m.
E is for Entertaining, a source of endless fun Energetic, goes non-stop all day long
R is for Real, authentic in character
A is for Arresting, people flock to you Amusing, can be very funny
R is for Relaxing, you put people at ease
D is for Diligent, a committed worker

("Gracious, Energetic and Arresting" are not words that I would use to describe my husband but all the others here are right on.)

Abby with girl afraid of dogs

A is for Alluring, drawing people in
B is for Beautiful, a treat for the eyes
B is for Big-hearted, you have room for everyone
Y is for Yummy, so delectable loves to eat


S is for Smart, a keen intellect
P is for Picturesque, strikingly beautiful
U is for Ultimate, just the best
N is for Noteworthy, having remarkable achievements
K is for Kind, generous to people shares things with Manny
Y is for Yes, always believing in yourself

M is for Modest, humility is your virtue
A is for Amazing, I never cease to think
N is for Nutty, full of wackiness Noble, a very good cat
N is for Nice, a sweet soul
Y is for Yearning, a drive to succeed

Try it out for yourself! Go to Below are the name poems generated by http://www.namepoem.org/ and choose motivational or funny, then generate. I think the funny ones should be called stupid instead--didn't think they were funny at all.  If you don't like what first comes up, try again and you will get something different.

UPDATED with my "improvements" Oct. 9.
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Sandee said...

I'd never be able to do this. It's just not in me.

Have a terrific day. ☺

Unknown said...

that was fun! You make life interesting in your house, that's for sure.

Sparkle said...

Yeah, the changed ones suit you guys better.

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