Friday, October 11, 2013

7 Friday Fragments (blogging, life, death, sports)

Friday Fragments is hosted by Half Past Kissin' Time for bloggers to post a list of short things on their minds that aren't really enough for a whole post to give Mrs. 4444 a break for the summer. Here we go:

Broken Cell Phone

Hubby's cell phone broke, but had replacement coverage on it which we paid $4.00 a month for. It still cost us $25 to replace it (just a basic phone--no texting, no pictures, no internet access). I asked how much an upgrade would be and the service rep at Great Call said $75. So, I'm thinking we should have just not did the replacement coverage and put that money towards an upgrade instead. The next day I canceled the monthly "replacement coverage." They said without that it would have cost $50 to replace it. At least they are waiving the shipping and handling fee. In the meantime, hubby is borrowing my phone--I miss it.

Travis Benjamin

This Browns wide receiver/punt returner is very fast! He had 179 yards on punt returns in Last week's game which broke the Browns record formerly held by Metcalf. Said he learned to run fast by chasing rabbits in Florida and now that he shared his rabbit story, his teammates nicknamed him "the Rabbit"! Read more about it: Benjamin Built Speed by Chasing Rabbits.


Glad I happened to look at Facebook yesterday morning because my cousin posted that my Aunt Jolene died with a link to her obituary. The funeral is tomorrow so I am planning on going. Funerals are like family reunions for my family--it's the only time we get together. She was 78 and died of Lymphoma.

Blogger Trouble

Don't know what's up with Blogger, but I tried changing my weekly quote on my blog but it wouldn't save it. Finally, I just deleted it and tried adding it from scratch instead of editing it, but that didn't save either. The verse I was going to change it to is "Our God is in heaven. He does what he wants."--Psalm 115:3 (ICB)


On my way to work, walking to the bus stop, I saw a skunk! It was little but I didn't stop to take its picture. I warned a dog walker not to go that way because a skunk was in one of the front yards so she thanked me and kept going straight.

Quiet Time

I am enjoying Beth Moore's "David--Seeking a Heart Like His" so much! I am learning a lot and every day finding new verses to mark in my Bible that pop out at me. Starting off my day with an hour with my Lord which seems like 15 minutes is so precious and wonderful. I highly recommend this Bible study and encourage you to check out my Sunday Sharing posts from this starting in September. (Just use the search box or the archive list at the left of my blog to find them.)

New Place

Gerard gets to see his new work place today which I seem more excited about than him. He's a bit nervous about going a different route than usual--he is a creature of habit but I know he'll be fine! It's actually much easier to get to than where he works now!

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Unknown said...

I have enjoyed Beth Moore in the past. Her studies have always helped me learn more as well as experience God in new and unexpected ways. I am glad you avoided the skunk.

Beth Ann Chiles said...

Glad you avoided the skunk and did a good turn and warned someone else. That would NOT have been good. Ugh.
Beth Moore's studies are awesome, aren't they?

Lin said...

Skunk numbers are high again this year. Every so often, I'll smell it around here...I just hope my kitties don't find one. Blech!

Do you have a phone plan? Sometimes it's just cheaper to have a plan and get a new phone every 2 years. We had a pay-as-you-go plan and it ended up being cheaper to go with a plan. Take the time to look--it's worth it.

Poor Gerard. Work change....ANY change is hard. But this will be a good one--a new spiffy work space?! I'll take it!!

Sandee said...

I've not had a cell phone since I retired. I've just not missed them and when I see people texting all the time I just cringe. Makes me know I never want a phone.

Have a terrific day. :)

BeadedTail said...

Hope Abby doesn't ever have a run in with that skunk on her walks! Hope the new phone arrives soon so you can have yours back. Hope all goes well for Gerard with all the changes in his new work place!

Stacy said...

I'm sorry about your aunt, but glad you found out and are able to go to the funeral.

I did the David study years ago with a group at our old church. I've done several more of Beth's studies since then. The group I'm in now recently finished her "Jesus, the One and Only." Oh my, that was the best one yet. Tomorrow we are starting "Breaking Free."

Beth said...

These cell phone providers really know how to sock it to you. My friend just had a similar story only her deductible on the plan was $125! That is just crazy. Hope the new phone arrives quickly so you can have yours back.

Ann in the UP said...

We are in the midst of Beth Moore's study on Daniel, and seeking how we can live as Christians here in our own Babylon. Lots of food for thought. We did the David study two years ago, and I agree. It's a great study and I learned a lot.

Claudya Martinez said...

Yeah that replacement coverage does not seem like it was worth it.

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